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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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4 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Value of Support Doubles?
I play support X/XX with partners who like them, but I admit that I will sometimes violate our arrangements when we have spades. I am very keen on blocking a 2 bid and will bid 2 regardless of our agreed methods ...
Stong marmic
(English) Marmite is indeed strong (but inferior in every possible way to Australian Vegemite). The only American I ever met who liked Vegemite was my wife.
Trials and Errors
Indeed... a good job. When I have time, I will read the second half...
Cheating Related Poll - Part II
I have spoken at length to Eric Laurant, member of the ACBL and EBL Anti-Cheating Commissions. May the Lord have mercy on any bridge cheat... Eric will not. As for the other selections... I don't know enough to comment.
Dutch Spiral
I frequently raise on 3-card support when I hold four spades. Do date, I had then played that responder's 2 rebid was checking for a 4-4 fit.
Dutch Spiral
Tim Seres remarked that the use of 2NT as an artificial enquiry after opener's raise to 2M was one of his very few contributions to bidding theory, dating back to the early 60s.
Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Quite so. If, after a while, you conclude, "Well, this-method looked all right, but it doesn't work because...", you have learnt something.
Dutch Spiral
Stong marmic
Did it advocate insufficient bids?
Strong Hand
nabil is australian and under 30 punctuation does not exist

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