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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
Or... from Paul Marston: 1D = spades 1H = hearts You have room for the 1st step being something, and you can keep your 1C opening.
How Bad Is This Line of Play?
As for the bidding... I think West has a clear-cut 4 bid after 3...
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
There was a client-pro pair that represented Australia. Their system card had "Transfers" over their 1NT. The pro NEVER transferred. With a 5CM and enough for game, he would jump to 3M. We had this conversation: AW: How can you justify this? Pro: Everyone knows who I am AW: That ...
F-Z: Something Old, Something New
1968 Final, bds 22 and 23 and fascinating... Look at Avarelli's shape on 22, and read the ridiculous commentary on 23. [i](Belladonna) gambled that … his suit was good enough... to play in a 5-2 fit.[/i] Why not a 5-1 fit?
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
To say that one would cheat better is no argument at all. Denis Howard, on Facchini-Zucchelli: [i]... defense argument... that nobody would adopt such a clumsy method of cheating... they said the same thing about Reese and Schapiro at Buenos Aires. It isn’t really an argument, as any analysis ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
Mate Mestric for WBF President! Whoo boy... what a change we would see!!
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
OP: [i]Bidding 5 smacks of unethical behavior.[/i] I am tired of this "unethical behaviour" line; Piekarek & Smirnov tried hiding behind that diversion. Either the N-S partnership bids like a pair of goats (no crime), or they are cheating. Use the right term.
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
Presuming 2 to be a near-GF+, I think 5H at South's turn is clear.
The Kibs Are Not Alright
If I watch a game of Test cricket (the equal of a World Series) I will learn nothing about how I can better play cricket. If I watch a Vanderbilt final, even if the result is certain with N boards to go, I may learn something practical I can use.
Doubling a splinter
I know of three options: - takeout of their trump suit - a suggestion of a sacrifice in their splinter suit - a request to lead some specified side-suit

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