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Thank you everyone for all the good wishes . Much appreciated we will do our best.
board 14, 20th August
Thanks Kate . Nice to know . I also like your logic with 3,3 to bid your weakest 3 card suit after a double and to keep the stronger one as side suit tricks . That would’ve worked very well here.
board 14, 20th August
We received a 2 diam opening , is it better to double or to bid 2 spades? What’s the general preference? What’s better in the long run?
Board 10, August 20th, USA1 vs Norway
We had no inteference in the bidding .I opened 1 diam, pass, Giselle bid 1 spade, 1 bid 2 diam , she bid 2 hearts , I bid 3 diam and she bid 3 ntr. Our opponent thought for a bit and lead a club , we lost the first 6 club tricks ...
Board 10, August 20th, USA1 vs Norway
We had no inteference
Board 4, 20th August
I think south is possibly better than a 3 club bid. Perhaps 3 diam would’ve been more encouraging for north to bid 4 spades. , west had doubled my 3 club bid and in the end was all about picking up the spades for no losers.
Board 16 August 13
Yes in future I won’t trust your bids even red against green!
Board 8 August 13
At our table Axel sitting West opened 1 ntr( 10 to 14) pass, pass , I doubled , pass , north bid 2 clubs which in our system is a running bid doesn’t guarantee 4 clubs , double by Kate , ( take out) I bid 2 spades and that where we played.
Board 16 August 13
At our table west opened 2 hearts ( weak sp and hearts ), pass by north , Kate jumped to 3spades ! and at that vulnerability I thought partner had zero points so passed! I didn’t see I source of tricks for 3 ntr and I’m sure Gis would prob have bid ...
Bd 18 (2) August 6th BB 2007 Semi Final (6) USA1 vs South Africa
That’s exactly why I doubled. Not wanting them to play in a mini ntr especially as we may have a vul game on . Partner cannot x in 2 nd seat with only 12 pts . Kate sitting East opened 1 ntr, explained as 10/ 12, or 13/ 15 pts playing ...
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