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Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: Axxx xx QJxx AJx
I would not bid 3 spades over 3 hearts as partner could have only 6 pts for the original double. The 3 spade bid should show a very good hand or big shape. How does South now know how good North is in standard bidding? Precision is different .
Board 26, May 14th, Norway vs USA2
Our bidding went 1 heart by east , pass by me , 1 spade by west, pass by Gis , 2 diam by east, double by me. ( I thought it was a penalty double) pass by west and Gis bid 2 spades. What should the double of the 3 rd suit be?
Board 22 - April 2nd Bermuda Bowl
Yes I’m curious as to what North should open. Are they too strong for a 1 ntr opener?
Good Morning from Shanghai
Good luck , glad we’re not rid of you!!
Board 19 , April 2019
Does this theory apply with Hx and xx? Or only the HH?
Board 18 BB2007 2 April 19 Argentina v USA1
I agree, don’t you need to be much better to double vul at the 3 level forcing partner on to the 4 level? How come South didn’t bid 5 clubs?
Board 19 , April 2019
Even though Gis had opened a diam I had already planned to lead the J of hearts if they were in 3 ntr. It’s a no Brainer. :)
Board 19 , April 2019
Interesting one Peter, we would have played in 3 ntr going down on the Jack of hearts lead. I should have led it anyway but cant beat 4 spades.
board 3 march 26
Our 2 diam means hearts only and it’s not the very weak opening 3 to 7 pts.
board 3 march 26
That’s correct so should I bid 3 hearts over your 2 ntr? West’s suit can be hearts. And then 4 hearts over your 3 spade invitation? What if partner doesn’t have 4 hearts and we get stuck in 4 hearts in a 5, 2 fit. Too much ...
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