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Board 18 5th Nov 2019
OK - so I published before putting any comments in - sorry the final comments are not as scintillating as the blank space :)
Bd 8 29th October
I"d also denied the spade queen so 6H was clearly the best contract
Bd 8 29th October
We had an easier time with a strong club relay system when Kate decided to open the North hand 1C. She was able to find out that I had xx-AKxxxx-Kx-Axx. If I'd shown the HQ we would have ended up in 7H.
Board 3 /Tuesday October 8th / BB Australia vs Israel Round 1 _ 21
I made it difficult for Kate by playing low-high in diamonds. We play reverse Smith echo so this says I liked my lead ! Had I played 6-5 and not 5-6 I'm sure Kate would have had no problem. At the time I thought it unlikely that declarer had 4 ...
Board 15 September 10
We bid 1S-4H-4S- All pass. HA,K,T - ruff D ruff H ruff with Ace and another D ruff for -3. All seemed quite normal but was still worth +4 vs 4S-2 and 3S-1. Isn't 4H normal at these colours? Helgemo bid 3H with my hand and Zia 2H.
Board 8 - 10th September
I also led DQ against same auction, Pele contributed the 9 (6 from S) and I continued with the J (spade preference)- S from dummy and a helpful 10 from Pele. After DA & heart to partner's A and spade continuation this was booked for -2 but -1IMP for us.
board 14, 20th August
Once you played the second spade I could (should?) have made- I expected diamonds 5-0 and wanted to make sure of -1. If I simply play a club or diamond I wont force myself off on this layout.
Board 20, 6th August
My ex-partner (of the bridge variety), Arthur, after 24h came up with probably the best line: Hearts from the top, then when it's clear E must have QJx, cash the other top diamond (pitching spade)and throw E in with a low heart, throwing a club, win the forced ...
Brd 22 Aug 6 USA1 V South Africa 2007 Bermuda Bowl
MAjors First In Auctions :)
Board 20, 6th August
we played this against Kit and Sally Woolsey. Kate opened a strong club, Kit overcalled 1S (!) 1NT nat and GF from me and now Kate drove to slam. I didn't fancy my prospects in 6NT on the seeing dummy and a small D lead but I should probably have ...
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