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Barbara Barnes
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April 13, 2011
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about me

Live in Washington, D.C. area; degree in math, retired from U.S Government.

Played a lot in the sixties/seventies; took 35 years off; came back to play in clubs or occasional regional about 2011. 

According to Newsweek I'm a typical ACBL member:  somebody's grandmother with an aol email address. 

Interested in the discussions about cheating detection and investigation/adjudication processes. 

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This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
Consistent with Kieran's comment (as well as positional matters): In Ron Anderson's discussion of Lebensohl over weak two bids (in his book The Lebensohl Convention Complete, p. 59-66), he recommends using .... Rule 3: "(Over a weak-2), the first player who bids NT (in non-signoff sequences) shows a stopper ...
My Turn to Speak
If this weren't so sad I would laugh out loud. Like individuals, organizations have reputations. Many experienced executives reading the Arbitrator's report would conclude that, at least in its business decisions, the ACBL is ill-led at the BOD level, lacks high ethical standards, and is unrealistic or foolish ...
Confused old man
Reduced (perhaps to 0) entry fee.
Teaching Bridge to Kids
Our grandson (5) is learning chess. (He's starting card games too.) We ran across the curriculum from ChessKid (which is designed to be used by teams, coaches, schoolteachers, and parents as well as, of course, actual kids) which is keyed to the Common Core standards, perhaps making it more ...
Restricted choice: real life example
....most recently heard at the Lake Wobegon DBC, where all the pairs finish above average.
I thought this was going to be a riff on the Banksy painting that was destroyed by a shredder hidden in the frame after it sold at auction for $1.4M. Your title is supposedly the tagline about it.
Tablets with a table feel
Hi Joe, Your vision of 52 LCD "cards" is inspirational. How do you make play seem more "normal"/satisfying? Silly thought -- For "at the table" games, what if each player's tablet showed just his own hand and the facedown quitted cards you'd normally have on your edge of ...
The Hungarian Bridge Federation switches to play with tablets instead of cards
Would welcome the chance to play without the "stupid" infractions -- my own and others' --(revoking, leading out of turn, insufficient bids) that can be prevented in tablet/on-line play. I am over 70 and have some difficulty holding and manipulating cards (being left-handed doesn't help). I'm always the ...
What are your pet peeves?
Aware of the world around them? Maybe not...

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