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Barbara Seagram
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Dec. 16, 2018
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Sept. 21
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about me

I used to own and run a large bridge club in Toronto, largest in Canada and 4th largest on the continent. In 2006, the club was named the top club in NOrth America out of over 3200 clubs. We sold it and now own a School of Bridge in Toronto. I have co-authored 28 bridge books and travel the world teaching bridge. 


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Best Practices Workshop
I would suggest you send these ideas directly to Grace Major or to Stephanie Threlkeld
On Ethics, Proprieties, Laws, Regulations and Beginning Bridge Players
I agree that there is no rush to teach this to newbies. I do mention along the way things like not hesitating with a singleton but treating them with kid gloves (as Jeff says) is of utmost importance. We do NOT want to put them off by telling them of ...
The dividing line between advanced beginner and intermediate?
I would say none of the above conventions also. A beginner, and advanced beginner and a low level intermediate...all can handle only Stayman Blackwood Transfers Takeout Doubles After they have played a goodly amount (let's pick an arbitrary 50 master points), maybe they can then handle negative doubles ...
Motions before the BoD.
I do not think we have anywhere close to the number of employees in Club department that we had before. FAR fewer. But these people work hard and do NOT just sit around. They answer endless emails also.
Motions before the BoD.
Not sure I am ready for a conspiracy theory.
Motions before the BoD.
Bahar had great ideas and I liked him but he was evidently abusive to staff. We cannot have a CEO that cannot work with people. I do agree with the rest of Jeff's post. I am disgusted by the flagrant loss of money in the last few years...millions ...
Motions before the BoD.
To Chris Hasney: Thanks a lot, Chris. Sorry you will not be in Vegas for ABTA Convention. Good luck in NABC Robot event.
Mnemonics, Acronyms, or Abbreviations
This is an old one but I created it 35 years ago. LEADS: Use B.O.S.T.O.N. Bottom Of Something & Top Of Nothing
Motions before the BoD.
Carol stayed in her room for 38 years living in Memphis. Still no answers on that...she is missed by so many club owners/managers. I do miss Bahar's energy, enthusiasm and ideas. All I know is that is not why he was let go but the reason remains ...
Dummy points versus declarer points
Jeff B, you asked about Goren and the 40 HCP. I cannot answer exactly that...but I have always taught that the reason Goren said you needed 37 HCP to make 7NT is because: Missing only 3 HCP, you cannot be missing an ace...33 HCP makes 6NT because you ...

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