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Barbara Travis
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June 14, 2013
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Lucky you, Kate. There is now a version 3 - and it's a little different. Perhaps because you are such a regular user, you have survived the swap? (Candice managed that from v1 to v2.) I learnt the other day that BBO was bought out on 28th February. Presumably the ...
Opposition for Tuesday?
I can try to find Candice and play (it's only 10am UK time, so quite manageable for me). Interested - Sophie/Lauren?
Board 25 (9) May 14 Norway vs USA2
Would anyone consider passing 3CX as North? South is allowed to be a bit weaker for the re-opening double. Is it too risky? Or is 3NT just too hard anyway - i.e. if you can make 3NT you can easily defeat 3CX? Just from interest... I'm keen on taking ...
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: 64 KJ5 KQJ6 KT65
You are not on lead?
Liz Sylvester's bidding problem: AQ AQ986 A97 AKT
No, it means we might wrong-side a spade contract. Opener rebids 2H. Our immediate 2NT rebid shows 24+ HCP and is game forcing. Going via 2H shows either a balanced 22-23 HCP hand or a game forcing hand with hearts (or hearts and 2-suited). The reason we play this way ...
Board 26, April 30, Australia vs Italy
Yes, and just supports the importance of suit preference signals - I think H6 must be right on the HK lead. When North has shown hearts with the double, the lead should be a shortage.
Board 30, 30 April
It's interesting when playing fit showing jumps whether a splinter or a FSJ should take precedence. We've chosen to make the FSJ take priority - I'd be interested to know whether this is correct or not. I think it was because we felt we could splinter/cue bid ...
Posting of Board 4 (or 20) for the next 4 weeks
Thanks all! You'll be in Europe not the US? Thought you had the US Trials to deal with (good luck).
april 16, board 17
My understanding is that you are meant to give count to opening honour leads against 5-level contracts. I think this works really well! Then you will switch at trick 2, and have to switch to the SA.
Board 21, 16 April, Norway vs Poland BB 2007
Fair enough - and good to see :)
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