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Barry Dehlin
Barry Dehlin
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July 31, 2010
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United States of America

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First NABC (DC 2009)
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District GNT B champion
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Defensive problem with interesting ending
What are our defensive agreements? What form of scoring?
You be the Comittee .
"Additionally, had the diamond king been offside (or remote chance there is a ruff) - then 6♥ wouldn't have made." IANAD (Director), but it's totally unclear to me why this matters. Aren't we talking about THIS hand in evidence before us rather than any hypothetical variation? On just ...
Legal? Ethical?
"The call+the raise to 3 together could convey 'hey, I know you might have bid on less, but if you did, I am not punishing you'." IMO, this is tin-foil hat conspiracy-theory paranoia. If I know my partner has called the director mid-auction but it's behind screens and ...
Legal? Ethical?
(Deleting inaccurate comment)
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
This one has nearly 1200...
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: A94 Q543 JT832 6
Unsurprisingly, my preferred methods too! The story on this hand is that I passed, and partner with KJTxx x x AKQxxx can make 11 tricks, and 10 are easy even if not guessing trump queen. So our debate is whether (a) I shouldn't pass, (b) he should jump to ...
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: A94 Q543 JT832 6
For what it's worth, here are results across the Common Game. About 2/3 of pairs are in game.
Columbus - Baldwin North American Pairs
The unfortunate news for you is that the North American Pairs are one of the ACBL's "grassroots" events, in which ACBL district play qualifies pairs for the national event. To my knowledge, this event is only available to ACBL members who have qualified at the district level. https://www ...
Crane Trophy
I have never followed these races closely enough to know, but isn't it highly unlikely that one month of club results will produce a change in the Crane standings?
Fall NABC Poll
Really dislike the idea of separating the major tournaments from the NABCs. One of my unique bridge experiences was entering the Spingold as a hopelessly outclassed team and getting crushed by Diamond. That would have never happened if I would have had to travel separately just for the Spingold.
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