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You be the director!
The response was that they were playing "normal responses". 2D OSTENSIBLY showed a diamond suit sort of "screw you, partner". East is supposed to respond 2C so West can describe their hand (pass w clubs, bid 2D with diamonds, bid 2H with majors).
You be the director!
West took gross advantage of UI (the failure to alert). I would have rolled this back to 2D by East AND hit E/W with a procedural penalty (half a board) for use of UI. Players of this level SHOULD know better.
Your call--ethical bidding problem
I've begged partner to use 1NT Beta. For some reason he doesn't like it.
Your call--ethical bidding problem
The redouble was alerted, and my partner answered "no first or second round control." when asked.
Your call--ethical bidding problem
I know. Part of the reason I posted this is that I gave the hand to a number of people locally and I was SHOCKED at the number (about a third) who took action. If I'd taken even one minute to think about it I never would have done ...
Your call--ethical bidding problem
It was more like I was looking for confirmation of the fact that I screwed up, and I knew I screwed up almost as soon as the hand ended. I bid 5H over 4H. Partner then bid 5S, and THAT I passed. So it didn't affect the score, but ...
Is there something better than BBO?
Even the BridgeBaron bots are better than GIB.
The books have got to go.... Part II
That would have to be a separate Flight A for them to legally allow Mid-Chart, no?
The books have got to go.... Part II
Get rid of the books and make it GCC. Period.
Followup to the Well
What would you say to those of us who are disheartened by ACBL's refusal to open up the convention charts--we fall further and further behind the world every day. Why should gadgets such as Multi 2D not be GCC-legal when they are almost everywhere else in the world? I ...

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