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Barry Rogoff
Barry Rogoff
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June 10, 2012
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Aug. 29
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm the Pianola server manager for the New Hampshire Bridge Association and a former member of the NHBA and EMBA Board of Directors. I also write about and teach bridge. My first job out of college was on the ACBL Bulletin staff but I was too young and stupid to keep the job. My career was in software development. I used to write a column for the Nashua, NH Sunday Telegraph.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating the world champions in the New England Knockouts.
Bridge Accomplishments
Two open regionals back when winning a regional event meant something. More sectionals and flighted or bracketed regional events than I can remember.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Tom Cheetham Club, Nashua, NH
Favorite Conventions
Light takeouts. A direct 1NT overcall is an 8-13 HCP takeout with two or three spades. A direct cue-bid over 1C, 1D, or 1H is an 8-13 HCP takeout with four or five spades. Double is 14+ HCP and can be offshape.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Tanking to get a read
Having been on a jury, I'm convinced that the trial by jury system works - at least most of the time. If 12 intelligent people can pay attention to the testimony and get along well enough to work through all the evidence while discarding wrong conclusions based on personal opinions ...
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
I'm very glad to hear that! I am, however, dismayed at the fact that virtually no one at my local club knows that the recorder system exists, never mind what changes are being made to it. Whatever the ACBL is doing to educate its membership about things like recorder ...
Need help with this auction playing basic Transfer Precision
I've never played artificial responses other than 1 and thus I don't know all the possible continuations over 1. No matter what they are North's hand is huge! He has a suit likely to run opposite a doubleton, five controls, and 4.5 losers. He ...
May the force be with you
There's no universal agreement about forcing pass auctions. I always discuss the topic with partners by starting with this summary of Eddie Kantar's out-of-print book on the topic: Eddie admits in the book that the rules ...
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
We play front-of-card over double. If you play negative doubles of overcalls, a negative double of 2 is almost the same thing as Stayman. A rebid of 2 suggests a place to play rather than denying a major.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Double was penalty in the methods we were playing. We're talking about changing that. I'm willing to play negative doubles but I will never consider playing Stolen Bids. It's a flawed convention.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
We were playing lebensohl with penalty doubles. I should have mentioned that.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
The last time I did that the partner of the player who hesitated said "no." I don't know how to handle that situation except to let it drop.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
I'm too busy right now to find the announcement about the unit recorder system ending 1/1/2020 just to prove someone wrong. I think it was in the Bulletin. Someone else please find it.
Tanking to get a read
I suppose there could be exceptional cases in which a director can rule that "an offender could have been aware at the time of his irregularity that it could well damage the non-offending side." There are too many "could have" uncertainties in that sentence and an "irregularity" is not the ...

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