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Jan. 20, 2015
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I Don't Understand This
Paul, This problem is similar to the problem faced by Life Insurance companies when they are not informed of policyholders’ deaths. Their solution involves periodically doing a search of their policyholders against a master file of people who have died. This identifies who amongst their policyholders has died. In the ...
I Don't Understand This
A little while back, I suspected that many deaths of ACBL members were not reported in the bulletin. So I asked a few of my actuarial colleagues to estimate the number of deaths in a year from a population of 165,000 bridge players whose median age is 74 with ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
It should be clear to all that the ACBL Board’s motivation is to avoid a costly lawsuit and maintain the organization as is for as long as possible. The board also understands that most of the membership doesn’t care or doesn’t know about this decision. The board ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
I don’t know if a lawsuit would have occurred in this particular situation. However, by taking this path of least resistance, the Board certainly eliminated the risk.
First day table count in HNL (excluding NLM)
Hawaii may come close to 1985 in Winnipeg with 5500 tables.
MORE Fat-Cat Board of Directors Largesse! :(
The board gets cash stipends, free trips to Nationals and other places and free plays at Nationals. There are a couple of problems that I have with the board getting a “few benefits” for their service, besides the fact that I view the purpose of volunteering to be to give ...
MORE Fat-Cat Board of Directors Largesse! :(
It is unfortunate that not even one board member will provide their justification for their vote on this issue. So let me provide their reason as it is quite obvious and it is not because they are all corrupt. The reason is that they work very hard as board members ...
MORE Fat-Cat Board of Directors Largesse! :(
In real life, politicians can’t get enough opportunities to express their views publicly. However, in the case of the ACBL the exact opposite is true. The Board members never speak out individually and only sometimes is there a collective statement on issues. This is clearly not acceptable. The membership ...
NABC Entry Fees Increase as of Summer, 2019
Jonathan, I would rephrase “original low estimates” to be “original very optimistic estimates”. Attendance in 2008 was 8000 tables and my understanding is that they had to add an additional session at the end to get Over 8k. Given that and the trend downwards in attendance over the last several ...
First day table count in HNL (excluding NLM)
Thank you for posting this, although I completely disagree with your assertion that you can’t blame the board for a decision made 7 or 8 years ago. There is plenty that the Board could have done over the last 7 years to mitigate the impact of the very bad ...
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