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Bart Bramley
Bart Bramley
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July 19, 2010
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about me

Grew up in Connecticut. Lived in Boston, Seattle, Chicago and now Dallas. Learned bridge from my father. My mother was a Life Master. Go Yankees!

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 2002 BR Pairs w/Sidney Lazard
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 17 Nationals - 2nd in World Par Contest
Regular Bridge Partners
Kit Woolsey, Judy Bramley
Favorite Tournaments
Any National
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, Step Responses, Rusinow
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Grand Life Master
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DONT vs. Meckwell
Marty: Yes, I omitted the disadvantage of not being to show a 1-suited minor at the 2-level. I consider this a minor (no pun intended) defect, since at the 2-level the opponents will usually out-compete us in a major. My thinking is that if a minor is worth bidding, it ...
DONT vs. Meckwell
Let me put in a plug for my own preferred method, SCUM, co-invented by my friend Mark Feldman about 50(!) years ago. SCUM is an acronym for Shape, Color, Majors. Double shows two suits of the same shape (spades and diamonds, or hearts and clubs), 2 shows two suits ...
Worst trump suit making slam
A famous example from recent years featured Fred Gitelman's friend the late David Caplan. He reached 6 with AKxxx in hand opposite dummy's 10x, needing to bring in the suit for no losers. No problem - he passed the ten as RHO failed to cover with QJx. Another ...
Information Squeeze
Good point. However, with a small change the entry-shift IS necessary: Make the key suit Kxx opposite Qxx, needing to play for one loser.
A Bart Bramley Story
I think I solved this hand in about 8 minutes; I'm sure it was under 10. It was the fastest time on that hand, and one of the fastest by anyone on any hand.
RIP Harold Lilie
This is sad news indeed. I saw Harold during the Nationals in Las Vegas in July and he seemed fine. Harold was an integral part of my group of bridge friends while I was going to MIT, though he never lived in Boston and never went to MIT. He and ...
Truly trivial
I agree. My best hope is to be third. Aces are my only controls (!), so making them the start card should max out my chances. I also look for unusual fantan hands while playing bridge. And to show you that it's (slightly) more than a mindless distraction, one of ...
Unethical Conduct Accusation
This particular accusation is ludicrous. The only possibilities are stiff ace and AJ tight. The (alleged) hesitation is clearly meaningless, as the defender will ALWAYS win the ace with either holding. Declarer is basically insisting that the defender MUST give him a reliable tell. If the defender had won the ...
I met Ken Lebensold last night
In 1969 or 1970 Ken was playing against George Boehm (Augie's father) in a New York tournament and spotted the word "lebensohl" on George's convention card. The following conversation (approximately) took place. KL: What's that? GB: You should know, you invented it. (Describes convention) KL: No I ...
Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me, IV
If you're going to defend double-dummy, I'm going to play double-dummy. In your ending North must pitch TWO clubs. But after ONE club pitch, I exit in clubs instead of cashing the last spade. Now there is no squeeze. Dummy saves three hearts and two diamonds, while declarer ...

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