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Bas Van Der Hoek
Bas Van Der Hoek
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Sept. 5, 2017
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Qualified for the Dutch Senior team in 2017, and qualified in the European Championships to play the d´Orsi (senior world championships) next year in China
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Winning Leads
I can recommend the books. Yes, double dummy analysis has its weaknesses. One of these is that partner will know what to do. To give an example, the book recommends to lead high from KQxx vs NT. This means that you cannot play K lead asks for unblock or count ...
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: A AQ9874 J74 AK4
Nice to have so many options. 3 seems to me the obvious start to find out whether we belong in 4, 4 or 3NT.
"Yes, it is. If you want to bid with that hand and the only way to do it is to "lie", that is certainly part of the system" Do we really want to accompany every explanation with caveats? Exceptions that happen very rarely (for a given situation perhaps a few ...
Referring to Frances Hinden´s remarks, I am curious whether you should alert a 1NT rebid on a 1=4=4=4 after 1m-1. Especially if you would bid 1NT frequently with such a distribution. I have even seen people who bid 1NT with 15/16 1444 in a ...
Unless your opponents have an agreement that 2 is either natural or GF with support I do not see a reason to alert. The game becomes unplayable if you have to alert bids that might have been improvised because no other bid describes the hand.
Follow-up on Multiple bidding problem after Multi
Opening 2 on the South hand is bridge of the 70s. The hand is too strong when you follow the modern trend (which I like) that 1st hand preempts at these colours can be on trash. Reaching 6 seems difficult after whatever South opens.
Defense agains natural 2!c
I suspect after some googling that GB2N is good-bad NT, right? And GB good-bad, whatever the difference with GB2N? I myself would avoid using abbreviations like these. Defending vs a natural constructive 2 does not occur often, and to avoid memory strain we have only one agreement (right or ...
Opening 2!D/2!H weak with majors
I also play 2 as both majors or strong, but I find it pretty worthless. The preemptive value is minute, opponents just bid NT or a minor, and they rarely miss a game contract.
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: A854 KQJ3 AQ843 ---
Partner had Q xxxx Kxx Qxxxx. Perhaps he will bid 3 (or double).
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: A854 KQJ3 AQ843 ---
Thanks for all your responses and comments. At the table I bid 5, 2 down doubled (should have been three down). 4 would be 2 down as well. I am now pretty sure that bidding 5 is very wrong. Partner does not have a void in ...

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