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James Creech's bidding problem: A92 Q832 A97 T54
4d i would think
Is this X takeout or penalty?
I play this X as two way, either t/o or pen.
An Unconsidered Sequence
For me sequence B sets spades as trumps. Any hand that doesn't want to do that goes via the other route.
ATB -- Missed slam
Is it really unbiddable? I agree one would have to have an agreement on whether 4H over 3S would be a cue or natural. But if it is a cue then 1H 2D 3S 4H 4NT looks on the money to me.
In the Well: Jacek Kalita
Jacek can confirm whether my recollection is correct (I played in the same 2005 event). But after the 8 board playoff? Jacek and pd came back with the most enormous card but they were unfortunate because Hurd and Wooldridge came back with an even bigger card! True that Joe did ...
Gábor Szőts's bidding problem: K43 JT97 AJT96 3
It's very common to play Lebensohl in this position Richard.
The New Tricks Tournament Series
I thought it was excellent!
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: A J72 AQJ83 A843
Why on earth did partner want to defend 2SXX? When they had a perfectly acceptable contract of 3C available?
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: A J72 AQJ83 A843
I wouldn't advocate the use of Lebensohl after they XX unless you think they are prone to psyching the XX.
David Caprera's bidding problem: Txx Ax AK8xxx xx
Since double followed by 3♦ (over say 3♣) should be played as forcing then I suppose the key question is do you want to force to game or not? My first thought was to bid 3♦ but I think forcing to game is very reasonable, 3♦ could be bid on ...

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