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Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: 64 --- 8432 Q875432
I tried 3H (showing a GF hand with shortage for me) hoping for a 4C bid later that I might pass or a 5C that would probably not get doubled.
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Thank you for posting David. I couldn't agree more. I have spoken to many contemporaries of Reese and Schapiro and the view is always a consistent one. I personally find it embarrassing that people are defending them. I think it is important to discuss and try (though it's ...
Pass over redouble
You pick or a strong hand (where they have psyched the xx). A jump to 2 or 3 would be pre-emptive.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
Lho did very well to pass the double he was risking 1400 if north held the hearts. Surely he had somewhere to run when he psyched 2h?
Mike Ma's bidding problem: 6542 4 J654 KQ53
I can't really understand 1s. You don't want a spade lead. You are never going to buy the contract in 2s. Where is the upside?
Josh Mullins's bidding problem: QT8 J85 7 T87543
Is it 100% clear that 2c is natural here? After all what would one bid with a 4432 minimum hand or even 4243 looking for the right partscore?
Michael Kopera's lead problem: 94 K9862 86 8765
If you don't like the doubleton then why not the club? I don't understand the heart lead.
John Holmes's bidding problem: AQ6543 AJ9863 4 ---
The normal treatment (in the UK at least) to show diamonds is to start with 3D and then if partner bids 3NT then 4D is now natural. If partner doesn't bid NT then you probably don't belong in diamonds anyway.
Missed slam - who was more responsible
For Andy and Marshall my main worry about doubling and then correcting 4D to 4H is that surely I can have a five bagger for that action (as well as a much stronger hand). Is partner really expected to sit 4H with six diamonds and xx in hearts?
Thank you Zia!
What a fabulous lesson that we can all learn so much from. Well done to both of you! Reading this has made my day.

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