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Ben Green
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Aug. 18, 2015
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Sept. 20
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Missed grandslam/small slam
A unique hand
hence my caveat!
A unique hand
About 15 years ago I was playing a tournament in Croatia against a very nice German chap. He asked if we were part of the British Junior team to which I replied close, we're the English Juniors. He went on to tell me that twenty five plus years earlier ...
A unique hand
What happened on that hand?
Missed grandslam/small slam
Looking at a singleton spade, double is highly likely to end the auction. I would either bid 4NT and raise 5m to 6m or start with 4S and hope to work it out later on.
A unique hand
Richard/Michael. Have you ever opened six when playing those methods? I held a hand when England played against France (a few years ago) as part of the French trials. At Game all I held - - AKQJ108765 KJ9x and first in elected to open 6D on the grounds that if I ...
Kostas Vovos's bidding problem: AKxxx x AKJxxx A
I don't really see how 4NT is better than double. Firstly if partner passes I'd be surprised if we don't take 500. Secondly if partner bids spades then I am well placed to bid a slam (far better than bidding 4NT when partner might correct 5D to ...
Is this forcing?
Steve I don't agree. Over 2♣ I play 2♦ as art GF but I don't play 2♥ as NF. I play it as F1. Imagine you hold AQxxx AQxx x xxx are you seriously going to start with 2♦ over 2♣? In my view that is unplayable. I ...
Richard Brown's bidding problem: J8 AJ43 A6 AJ852
I would also have opened 1NT.
ATB - Two suiter difficulties
I did vote with you but upon reflection decided that despite both parties being culpable that North was more ridiculous (but only slightly).

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