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Ben Thompson
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June 22, 2011
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April 20
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Bridge Player
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016. Australia mixed team 2019

WBF Executive Council 2018-


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Bill Jacobs, Renee Cooper
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What does this auction mean to your partnership?
My general agreement in unanchored auctions is that bidding a suit they MIGHT still have is natural, but bidding a suit they have established they DO have is ... whatever our other agreements say it is, but typically a raise or a stopper ask/show. In this auction, the 2Der's ...
Board 31 from April 16 matches
With a 6 card suit, it looks more like a play hand than a defend hand to me.
What would you bid next? (based on Board 8 issues this week)
The real question is "what's your default rebid after 4th suit?" That is, when you don't have: a stopper in the 4th suit, 5 in 2nd suit, 6 in your first suit or 3 (Hx) in pard's first suit, what do you do? I bid the thing ...
Board 29, April 2, Argentina vs USA1
This is a bit of an opportunity for Smith signals. North clearly doesn't have a S honour but they did start with 3 of them In this situation I would play North's (negative) Smith as "I have a better idea", and the "positive" Smith as "I can't ...
Bidding (grand) slams with two strong 6 card suits is notoriously difficult. You might start 1H-2C(2/1)-3H which I play as a non-minimum with a 6+ suit that will play for 0-1 loser opposite a singleton. AQJ432 does not qualify. That you think you have a ripper suit ...
Board 5, 12 March, Italy vs Argentina
This is one of many auctions where I prefer 2NT to be "2 places to play". In theory I make the distinction between "2 places" and Lebensohl based on whether it's a length or a strength situation. For example on this one after (1C)-1H-(1S)-P-(2S)-X- ...
Hand 14 from 2007 Bermuda Bowl
Bill processed a bunch of our 5-5 competitive hands a few years ago and concluded that showing the shape was materially more important than distinguishing the strength in detail. That said, I still prefer to bid some medium strength control-light 5-5s out rather than go via the 2-suiter bid just ...
Board 5, 12 March, Italy vs Argentina
Kate's comment reminds me of a lesson I learned from the late great Bobby Richman - give them the last guess. Sometimes they get it right - but if you force anyone into a series of guesses you win on average
Board 5, 12 March, Italy vs Argentina
Partner might also have something like xxx - K10xxxx xxxx. Competing with a flexible bid (here, X) is much better ... when you have a flexible hand.
Board 5, 12 March, Italy vs Argentina
Ravenna showed the way to success. He gave false count on Pellegrini's A lead (I checked their card - they play reverse count in this situation). Pellegrini "knew" Ravenna wasn't going to be overruffing a , so he just cashed K and tried Q hoping Ravenna had the K ...

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