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Benoit Lessard
Benoit Lessard
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Dec. 3, 2011
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about me

Love all games, I really mean all of them, go,shogi,poker,french tarot, wargames, computer games etc

"I mean, Gus and I never see eye-to-eye on work stuff.For instance, he doesn't like being used as a human shield when we're being shot at.I happen to think it's a very noble way to meet one's maker, especially for a guy like him.Bottom line is we never let that difference of opinion interfere with anything."


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The first time Ive really understood how complex the bidding phase can be, at that point it was clear to me that bridge was going to be a great game.
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transfers all the way baby
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Ronnie Felton's flip-flop
Agree. Also west 4 tend to show more shape. For me its a very obvious double, it keep 3NT and 3Dx in play and AJ is good enough if advancer jump to 4.
BW 2/1: 1!d-2!c-2!D
Its somewhat symmetrical but i believe that 2 to show 5 is slightly better. When you have 5 you are less likely to have a 4M meaning that you will rebid 2NT more often ex (32)53, 3352 2362. If you bypass 2 when you don't ...
Splitting in 2nd Seat: High or Low?
AFAIK one of the reason of low from 2 and high from three vs the opposite is that it make it easier to read if partner unblock from Hx.
BW 2/1: 1!d-2!c-2!D
Agree, frrom a bidding space principle you want to bid 2 with 50% of the hands. So 2 any hand with 5 or any hand without 5 both work nicely (some exception is obv ok). I also like 2D is any min and rest is some ...
Settle A Bet
My DD sim. 14-15 count 5332/6322/5422 both 3NT/4H make 55/56%, so based on this its close but not quite enough for a limit raise imo. If you switch a low for a low club 3NT is now 57% instead of 55% but 4 stat ...
Settle A Bet
I would make a limit only at imps VUL. We open sound.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: --- AJT73 K652 A742
slam with this hand isnt poor but i think opener could be worse than this and still force to slam.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: --- AJT73 K652 A742
3 keycards suggest that we are too good for 5 but I think that 4 is also risky. There is a fair number of hands where it will hard to stop in 5 and 6 will be poor. AKxxxx K Axxx xx
Another ruling case
I would need to see how north alert on other boards before i would make a ruling.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KT9x Kx JTx Q9xx
So you think south hand is sure to get a plus in 2 ?

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