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Bernard G. Schneider
Bernard G. Schneider
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Sept. 15, 2010
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July 2, 2015
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bridge player

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Bernard G. Schneider's bidding problem: KQ7632 QT632 6 Q
Should have been clearer. NOT an inverted raise.
Bernard G. Schneider's bidding problem: Q5 KQT54 K QT765
NY Times to Terminate Bridge Column
Will the column appear in the NYT online edition?
Why (and make sense?) ban conventions or systems from bridge?
By way of background, I have 5,000 master points, and my wife and I travel to about 6 regionals and one nationals a year. We play up when we can, including the Spingold and Vanderbilt, and once (when we qualified) in the Platinum Pairs. Along the way, we encounter ...
Procedure after BIT ?
To be clear," logical alternative" is an objective standard, not a subjective standard. Thus, even if a director was 100% convinced that a particular player would have made a bid even without the break in tempo, but if that bid was "suggested" by BIT he cannot make that bid as ...
Procedure after BIT ?
Isn't best practice to first see if both sides agree that there was, in fact, a BIT. If the parties agree that there was then, I believe, no need to call the director at that time ( since all he will do is say " call me back if necessary"). A ...
Bernard G. Schneider's bidding problem: Q5 KQT54 K QT765
If partner bids 3 clubs, what do you bid with: J9xxx, A, QJ9x, AKx? Do you bid 3 no trump, or 4 clubs looking for slam. You now have a pure guess. Even if partner has a hand less than 16 points, slam may still be a good bet. I ...
Can't Sell
Thanks, Kit.
Can't Sell
How does one show 5+ diamonds and an invitational hand-- the analog to the direct 3 diamonds which shows 5+ hearts? I assume that a direct 3 hearts which shows " a good hand with clubs" allows the partnership to play exactly 4 clubs if opener bids that over 3 hearts.
Law question: defender changes opening lead
One thing that I have noticed playing in regional and national events against top-flight competition is that when the final pass is made, the lead is on the table immediately. The leader has done his thinking in advance, and neither his partner, nor declarer has any idea whether that lead ...

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