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Bernard Marcoux
Bernard Marcoux
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Nov. 10, 2011
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May 28
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Bridge Writer

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world record in duplicate: 87,3 %
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Bols Award 1996
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Wife France Brunet
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Ste-Adèle, Québec
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too many
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North Americans Win Cavendish Teams
Actually, we should stop tu use the word Americans, because we, here in Canada, live also in America, but not in USA. We should call them what they are, United-Statians.
North Americans Win Cavendish Teams
Right, Kick. Will someone make the correction ? Vincent Demuy is from Montreal and his father would be very surprised to learn he is American, as he is not, by far.
Upside Down Questions
Isnt revolving illegal ? At least in ACBLand ?
Replacing an unintended call (2)
I once opened 2sp. P made a series of forcing bids and we ended up in 6nt. When she tabled dummy, I asked : But what are you doing ? She said You opened 2nt !!! Director ? :)
Strange feeling I had at the table.
See it all the time in local clubs, even by seasoned players. I certainly would not lead the suit p was asking about, good or bad for us. But p would never do that :).
replacing an unintended call
You can correct your bid if it was a "lapsus manu", not a bidding error.
Anything Suspicious Here?
I am a bit puzzled. 2/1 works on M only imo, because you dont have the profit of 1nt forcing as catchall bit for hands not fitting for 2/1 GF, like Kx Qxx Kxx QJ10xx.
Critique this bidding, please.
2nt by South shows exactly that hand : not more than 1 sp, 5-5 minor suits with good values. You dont need 2nt to show 11 pt no-trump hand, that goes into 1nt NF by passed hd, as opener with 14 has to keep the bidding open.
Why do you play bridge?
I agree with Scott. Local clubs have more or less ruined our pleasure. Cliques, favoritism, unqualified directors or with a bias, impatience when you take your time, etc.
Why do you play bridge?
A few years back, i wrote an article entitled Philosophy in the boudoir, as per the Marquis de Sade. Here is the beginning. Why did human being invent bridge ? Probably to give duration to sexual pleasure. Oops ? What a twisted mind. How can you talk sex when we are talking ...
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