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Bernard Yomtov
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Which road on play?
Do the opponents use weak 2 bids?
The Liu Coop
South's 2 overcall looks awfully risky to me. If North has a yarborough with short hearts, and the suit doesn't break, South might be held to seven tricks.
How do you play this slam?
I play the diamond. It seems likely to me that West started with five spades. (Could we know what spades East- West played?) I think 5-4-3-1 is more likely than 5-5-2-1, both because of ex ante probabilities and because West might have pitched a heart from the latter. Other relevant ...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: AQJ9762 94 A 764
Thank you. That's new to me.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: AQJ9762 94 A 764
What should E play after partner leads AC and why
I don't get the complexity here. If East has 54 he would play the five with no problem. This is no different. The J is not going to do anything useful if East holds on to it, so just play it and hope partner gets it right. If you ...
Opening and Rebid with a 15-17 NT
I think this is borderline between opening 1N and opening 1 and rebidding 1N, hence I took advantage of the format to check both.
How do you ask for aces?
How do you get to 7 opposite KQxx AQJx KJx xx?
Assign the blame
I don't care whether it's a forcing pass or not. North has no business taking the push on his balanced hand. I abstain because I think 4 was fine.
David Caprera's bidding problem: xxx Ax AKxxxx xx
I think 3 has to be forcing. How else can we bid a good hand with diamonds? Whether it's game-forcing or not depends on your standards for the 2 bid. We did have the option of bidding 3 rather than doubling, after all. What would South ...

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