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David Boxley's bidding problem: 9732 T5 AK875 Q3
3. Yes, I'd like better trumps, but we may have tricks in either minor. I would tend not to pass 1 with four cards unless I had a terrible hand. Make the K a small one and I would still bid 2.
Assign the blame
Michal, Not everyone would open a 3-3-2-5 eleven count.
Best Line to make 4!S?
It would be a little helpful to have the entire auction. It's worth knowing what opportunities to bid N-S had. As it is, it looks like we have to guess which red suit to play for a discard of a loser in the other. In isolation hearts is the ...
Best Line to make 4!S?
David, They can't cash a heart against me, since I retain the ace in dummy.
Why I suck at matchpoints
Karen, Are you talking about the second auction, the third, or both?
What has partner got?
I don't think that's a reasonable hand. Among other things you don't want to put Kx down in dummy if partner signs off.
how many spades?
If they can hold you to six tricks they probably have a slam.
how many spades?
Not on this hand. You might step in some droppings.
You Be the Judge. Common Game 2/12/19 board 23
Responder does have room to cue-bid or bid a direct 4. And it's just as much room as would have been available had responder bid 3 over 2, and doubler had then bid 3.
What has partner got?
True, Ken, but here we are talking about an above-game try opposite a hand that, for all the 2N bidder knows, is stretching to bid game at all. That does not seem reasonable to me.

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