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ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
"Even the janitor would know." I once heard of a janitor who was an excellent player. He cleaned up at the rubber bridge club.
Is this 3!d bid game forcing?
I don't think it makes sense to base agreements on the possible occurrence of a very rare hand type. The probability that your strength will be concentrated outside your six or seven card suit is quite low.
Is this psyche legal?
I agree with Marty. "As long as partner treats my call as 100% game-forcing, he doesn't know anything that the opponents don't know. Even if I have made this bid in the past, that isn't going to affect his actions." But he does know something the opponents ...
Is this psyche legal?
David, "Two occasions does not equate to frequent." Shouldn't that depend on the time between the occasions? Frequency is a rate, usually over a period of time, after all. Driving ninety miles is perfectly legal. Driving ninety miles per hour isn't. Suppose Mike tries this in the afternoon ...
ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
It's South who can visualize slam after the 3 splinter. The tricks are surely there, and it's only a question of aces. Even North's Q is not needed.
Play 6!d here
"If South had been on the same wavelength as I was, he would have played a spade at trick 3 and it would have been all over. " I don't understand this. Why would you play a spade at trick three if you think the A is in West?
BIT following 1m-2M; 2M-3nt vs 4M
I don't see the issue here. If I understand, responder held KJx, KJxx xx AJxx and opener raised the 1 response to 2, after some thought. So what happened that raises any kind of ethical issue? I could see a problem if the partnership agreement was that ...
Another hand where you say who's to blame
True. Though here North could not even be sure South held five diamonds.
Another hand where you say who's to blame
What is all this about kickback and so on? Worthwhile points, yes, but consider this: South showed 0-5 HCP. What's the chance that South holds precisely the KQ? We need no simulations to know it's ridiculously low. North's jump to 7 is simply irrational, made, I ...
Attitude to System Regulations
I've gotten similar errors on PM's and an article.

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