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An Unusual Ending
Nice, John, but I think 2 by North is a much better bid than 1N, and on the actual deal will usually produce a better result.
Naming squeezes
Sometimes the "poetic" names are helpful. In the "Master Play" chapter on the vise, the winkle, and the steppingstone, Reese says, "These terms are introduced not for the sake of literary variation but because the use of descriptive titles may help to identify the different forms of play and assist ...
What to expect of your opponents
I don't think this is a particularly difficult or unusual falsecard. I think all but the most inexperienced players might try it, so I would rarely, if ever, finesse.
Is a Natural, Strong NT in "Sandwich" Position a Relic of the Past?
Sandwich hands have alternatives - double, or 2N. Strong balanced hands don't. Who wants to hold such a hand and hear it go, in the given auction, 2 on their left followed by two passes?
What do you say if anything?
Agree. There is only one context in which I would bring it up. If I am going over hands with a regular partner then I would say something, though none of Jess's suggestions seem right. Instead, I would say something like, "I probably wouldn't have bid 3 ...
What is the standard for the meaning of this Auction?
But you may not know you want to play for penalties until you know their suit.
Lament of the Spade Three
Nice hand, Leonard.
What is the standard for the meaning of this Auction?
I think it is a penalty double. My double of a 2 overcall would have been negative, suggesting four spades and a desire to compete, at least. With that hand I might have doubled 2, depending on Stayman agreements, or I could bid 2 now. I also ...
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: Qxx --- KQxx KJT9xx
The trouble is, you are making up an unusual agreement - six-level cue-bids deny first round control - on the fly in a slam auction. That's a recipe for disaster. It also doesn't seem like a good idea, since you can't be sure the partnership doesn't have two ...
Memphis Natl Fast Pairs win taken away by Directors
Thank you, Mike.

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