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Bernard Yomtov
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Nov. 29, 2010
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Common Game #12 7-15-19
3N looks bad to me. Why not 3? Then 3 ...
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
"Why should you gain from overbidding and then getting a lucky lead?" Because bidding is a matter of probabilities, and the probability that the opponents will not find the best lead has to be a part of the calculation. How often have you seen a comment on a bidding problem ...
Jason Leith's bidding problem: QJ985 A6 JT Q543
3. Give partner a reasonable minimum - AKxxx xxx Axx xx and 3 is the limit of the hand. I am pretty aggressive about bidding game after a limit raise, so I think 3 is enough here.
Defensive Problem
I think partner has four hearts. With Qxxxxx A(Q/J)x x Q10x might he have peeped 1? If so, I think we will cash four hearts regardless of which one I play. But that's not certain, and I agree with Andy and Charles that the king ...
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
I agree. Why shouldn't a defender who beats an otherwise cold contract with an effective falsecard be rewarded?
Make Bridge Fun Again
[b]Market bridge, the game, rather than masterpoints. [/b] Yes, yes, yes. You do not have to aspire to be a world champion to find fascination in the game, and to enjoy improving and learning.
Do you want to be relegated from Bracket A to Bracket B?
I don't play much outside of NABC's, so I don't have a lot of experience with bracketed KO's at regionals, but I'm starting to agree very much with the non-American readers here who doubt the wisdom of the whole structure. Given that we have it ...
Do you want to be relegated from Bracket A to Bracket B?
I would be unwilling to do so.
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
Some confusion here about who is "making" tricks. I think the defense gets two more tricks, which makes four total for the defense, so declarer makes three.
Responding to takeout double with 4-4 majors
The problem I see with the fourth option is that sometimes you are forced and then the auction gets awkward if you started with 1. Of course you can still bid spades, but there will ambiguity as to length, you don't usually want to hear a preference to ...

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