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Bill Campbell
Bill Campbell
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Aug. 2, 2011
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Feb. 21
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Bridge Player
about me

Monterey Bill, not Seattle Bill

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
My first double squeeze in the midnight Swiss at my first Nationals, Boston, 1989
Bridge Accomplishments
Flight A Regional KO win in Cromwell, CN, 1992
Regular Bridge Partners
My daughter Suzanne
Favorite Tournaments
Any Nationals I can attend
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bidding without Lebensohl
Does 2N show a stopper in at least one of the opponent's suit(s)? Partial stopper? How about 3N? How important do you think this is?
Bidding without Lebensohl
No, she was pretty focused on Dominion strategy when she was five.
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
Are you playing either Serious or Non-Serious 3N in this sequence? Also, I assume from the title that you are playing Last Train, but it might be better to explicitly state it.
Bidding without Lebensohl
I do not doubt Lebensohl is better than not, and that transfers are even better. Memory strain is the issue in this partnership.
Bidding without Lebensohl
My daughter is only 16 -- she's got time :)
Bidding without Lebensohl
It's not a question of not understanding it; until very recently, it was our partnership agreement. It's that my partner does not remember it when the situations come up, and she'd rather play naturalish methods that she will remember even if they are not as good as ...
UDCA and Smith
I used to play this and call it Twisted Smith.
Cuebid preferred agreement
2-3-4-4 14 counts without heart stoppers aren't all that uncommon. Just bid a 4-card minor to force? Is overcaller supposed to suppress 4-card support for what is usually a 5+card suit in order to bid 3N, to cater to this hand type? (I am not being facetious, this ...
Cuebid preferred agreement
For the majority who chose option 1, limit raise or better in spades, how do you get to 3N with good values but no spade fit or stopper (or a partial stopper) in hearts? Too rare a hand to worry about?
Bill Campbell's bidding problem: AQ9 Jxxx K9x xxx
It was during bidding practice, so there was no actual play. On a not too unlikely QD lead, 3N would have made as overcaller had the club and heart aces with six spades to the king.

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