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WBF report on Coronavirus and bridge
Totally agree with Yehudit. Indeed the document doesn't even say who the authors are, or what their qualifications may be. That immediately disqualifies it from having any validity.
So ... no bridge championships at all? The death knell has already sounded. The question is whether you want to do something about it.
Plans to reopen
Regarding David's last sentence, I think it all depends on the availability of a vaccine.
Attitude or Count?
It's a slightly weird statement that playing the lower card of the doubleton here actually serves as discouragement in a UDCA environment (trying to convey the count side of it rather than the attitude side), but it does make sense in this slightly weird situation. The real-life issue with ...
Plans to reopen
Fair enough - IQ failure by me. But of course the solution is unrealistic. I run a medium sized club (200 members) with 3 sets of boards. And how many clubs have the physical space for the distancing? Or screens? Not going to happen.
Plans to reopen
Unfortunately the one set of boards per table will only help the N/S pairs. The E/W players will be touching cards played by other E/W players. And the card touching issue is a killer … literally.
Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals
It CLEARLY isn't bridge, as we know it, nor as it is defined in the Laws. There are several areas of the Laws, relating mainly to alerts, explanations, UI, system cards, etc that don't translate properly to on-line play. Even more when it comes to Regulating Authority aspects ...
Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals
I'm saying that "daft" is not the same as a misclick. I'm saying that face-to-face bridge is not the same as on-line bridge. I'm about to start directing masterpointed on-line games in Australia. The directing will be different to what happens when I run my club.
Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals
So is it ACBL policy in these games not to make an adjustment when a misclick totally stuffs up your opponents?
Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals
No way is it appropriate to apply a literal interpretation of either the laws of bridge or any regional (eg ACBL) rules. These rules were never written with on-line play in mind. The score should have been adjusted. I can understand why the OP is peeved.
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