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Doubled Cue in Slam Sequence
Here's my scheme whenever we've agreed a suit and an artificial bid (often a cue-bid) is doubled: Quick return to our agreed suit (5 in this case): weak, no interest in higher things Redouble: 1st round control in that suit Pass: general interest in higher things, lacking ...
Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
In my view, excluding 2-level opening bids makes this exercise completely pointless. (It was probably fairly pointless to start with :)) The same of course applies to strength of opening 1NT and promised length of suits, and yet you've lumped multiple variations of those into single answers. A system's ...
What's the Best Line?
I'd ruff the heart and play ace-queen of spades. East with Kx AQxxxx AQ xxx may not see the necessity of cashing the A. 12 tricks.
weak two . define good suit or bad suit
I like 2 of the top 3 as well, and without varying it according to position and vulnerability. What is the real value of Ogust? I think it's to get to 3NT when responder has honour-doubleton or even honour-third. (Strong hand as declarer, matchpoints and it might be the ...
Food for Thought
"The spade lead is clear" Now there's a statement that is so easy to disagree with. (I agonized at the end of page 1 of the article, and then decided to give up and move onto page 2.)
Apologies to partner
I think an apology when you make a clear mistake is good partnership management. When my partner says "sorry", I tend to fume less about his stupidity. The fact that he's recognized the error really helps me forgive and forget. Of course, here there is absolutely nothing to apologize ...
Forcing or not?
Whilst I can understand why the problem was presented it is clear to me to play 3 as forcing. Two reasons. There are so many auctions, you need principles. A great principle is that bidding a new suit in auctions like this should lead to further forces. This allows ...
Web Movement?
I would be most interested in knowing Gordon's movement that minimizes sharing for odd tables.
Defending the 2!c overcall in Multi-Landy / Woolsey
There is no question that takeout doubles can lead to you passing them out when you both have length in a suit. It also happens after an auction like (1NT) - X - (2, ostensibly natural) where the 2 bidder is short in clubs and planning to redouble for rescue ...
Does a correction to 4H on this hand bar partner under current rules (ACBL)?
Secretary of the WBF Laws Committee. And a director DOES have to make a judgment decision on the fly, because he needs to rule whether a call is comparable or not. It can't be left to the players because the director has to decide then and there whether their ...
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