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Both mad, or just one?
North was mad, South was bad. The funny thing is: if South held Axx Kxx xxxx xxx, he would have accepted the short suit game try - no wasted values in diamonds.
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
If the third case is a reference to Fantunes, then we pre-alert as a matter of course, saying that our system is basically natural, but that the 1-level openings are typically a bit stronger than usual, are forcing, as well as the transfer responses to 1.
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
I think you did very well to hold it together with those examples, which were blatantly bad. In my view, quite different in tenor to the incident in the original post. If this is typical of the game you are describing, then surely it is best to seek a different ...
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
Information sessions about the laws is indeed a good idea. I have run a few, and they are well attended and people learn some interesting things. Above all, the laws of duplicate bridge are extremely complicated. For example, I ask you this simple question … answer it for yourself without reference ...
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
Whilst I agree it's a tricky area of the laws, isn't it possible to enjoy your bridge in whatever section you choose, without fretting over such situations? In other words, I think you, and your opponent in the second example, were being overly sensitive.
Theory and practice: After a negative double
Clearly the first example (where you are supporting partner's spades) is conceptually different to the other two. No-one would play the 1 bid as forcing. Indeed, it could easily be a 3-card suit. I have always played all these bids as non-forcing. One of the reasons is that ...
Opening leads against suit contracts from Jxxx and Txxx (no sequence) in an unbid suit
They are for me. If I have Jxxx in one suit, and Kxxx in another, on lead to a suit contract, I'm going to prefer to lead from the jack suit in preference to the king suit, all other things being equal. I prefer passive over active, due to ...
Opening leads against suit contracts from Jxxx and Txxx (no sequence) in an unbid suit
This is the "let's find the lead that beats the contract" approach, as distinct from the "let's find the lead that doesn't give away the contract" approach. It's the old 'active' versus 'passive' argument.
Opening leads against suit contracts from Jxxx and Txxx (no sequence) in an unbid suit
It can also work well when there is nothing in this suit in our partner's hand.
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Yes Peg, agreed.
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