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March 26, 2012
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Unfortunate Result
Well thanks. If this means that after 3X - (bid) - 3NT - (Pass), preempter passes 100% of the time, then I'm back on terra firma. Really what you are describing is, I would think, normal expert practice, where the 3NT could be semi-psychic non-vul. Even opener's subsequent double is fairly ...
Unfortunate Result
Have I just moved to a new planet or something? 3 - (3) - 3NT means you don't want to play in 3NT? Then what do I bid if I DO want to play in 3NT?
Unfortunate Result
Really Christopher? What if you don't have a spade stopper? Finding it hard to believe that this is Robson's method.
Unfortunate Result
I'm not sure that 5 is so dreadful. Doesn't the 4 bid (which has little preemptive effect) allow East back into the auction? If West was getting ready to hammer 4, then he should pass over 3, not bid 4.
Director ruling
It's a shame that there's not some electronic or behind-screens gizmo that would allow South to write down, after the 1 opening bid: "I am bidding to slam".
Partner Confused
Who said anything about asking for notes in the middle of a live auction? Clearly the contract is going to be played in 3 doubled. It's what happens later that is relevant.
Better line in slam?
My gut feeling is diamonds to try to drop the J then finesse if it doesn't is better than some sort of squeeze / drop K short option. But simplest is to just wait for Kit to post and get the right answer that way ...
Play this slam
Isn't that option 3? Anyway, it's tempting not to eliminate anything but draw trumps and play a low club to the 8. If it loses to the 9, then take the diamond finesse. If it loses to K or Q, take a second club finesse. Surely that's ...
Partner Confused
Well I'm not convinced from what has been reported that this was a misbid rather than a misexplanation. I'd want to see system notes proving the point. If they can't be produced, then East was entitled to know that South was showing diamonds not clubs. And next ...
Hesitation Habits and Unauthorized Information--How to Enforce Law 16 in Practice?
Good story, Michael. I believe it. It could have been even worse. If 6NT had made, then I guess the director would have rolled the result back to 5NT making an overtrick. Then the guilty pair would have been mystified squared.
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