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What is a "world class player"?
Let's just say that winning a World Championship is a sufficient but not necessary condition for world-classness. One of the delights of the game (and pointlessness of this thread) is the partnership aspect. That makes it difficult in any legitimate way to rate individuals. How many millions of us ...
What is a "world class player"?
According to BBO statistics, about 50 thousand.
Not to mention East, who should have doubled 2 to show opening strength.
Ruling please
Well, fair enough, Michael. If one believes that declarer's claim should be accepted, or denied, for every class of player in the world, then one may legitimately respond to the poll. Still, it seems to me that wilfully ignoring the 'class of player' clause is tantamount to saying: "The ...
Ruling please
I'm with Joe Hertz here. How can anyone answer this poll without knowing the class of player involved, a parameter that is specifically included in the Laws. The poster did not provide that information. In my opinion, if you responded to this poll, you are wrong - David Burn included.
I agree that whatever blame there is will have to go to East, but it's not clear what East SHOULD have done. One could argue that he might have stretched to a negative double of 1 ... his modest hand is at least fairly pure. But I think the ...
Gold Coast Ruling
That's right. It was tried 10 years ago, at the request of Bridge New Zealand, and discontinued a short time later. A cultural mis-match.
#ZEROTOLERANCE Open Barcelona 2019
I only read the first part of the article where you described what happened when you were to play Fantoni. I would have done the same as you. In my view, the Director's decision (average+ for them, zero for you) was correct. If they are going to be let ...
Many choices, many levels
Kieran is channeling Terence Reese here. It's one of those powerful pieces of logic that make anything other than pass absurd.
What is 4NT
Definitely a pet of Edgar's. I note that if you do have both minors, and don't have a 4NT UNT available, then you are right royally ... Whereas if you have the huge balanced hand, you can double and at least hope to survive thereafter.
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