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1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
I did say at least 2 more options, the point of 2S guaranteeing 3 was so that opener could pass with 4-6 in the majors(this was in an Acol context so 2NT was free to show just minors).
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
In my dogmatic youth I thought this was obviously 3055 - now it seems to me there are at least 2 other plausible alternatives 1) A raise to 3H with spade concentration - say a 3334 with KQx of spades. 2) 4 spades and a long minor - with say 4027 the sequence ...
2NT artificial and forcing over opener's same suit rebid
Robert - you seem to be implying that with 1453 you rebid 1NT, I’m happy to do this myself but it carries its own risks.
What is the meaning of 2!H and 3!H?
‘Std 2 over 1’?? - we need your input on a few other threads.
BW 2/1: After 1!d-2!c
....don’t think you’re right, let’s do a poll to find out!
BW 2/1: After 1!d-2!c
I may not have this exactly right 2D = 5+,does not deny a major 2H = 4441 2S = good club raise 2NT = 12/14 3C = minimum club raise
Who bid wrongly?
When I played good/bad 2NT it was to show distributional hands hands without the extra values normally expected at the 3 level - if this version includes bal 18/19 then fine but the post does not make that explicit,whilst the 6D bid looks even worse(if that’s ...
Who bid wrongly?
However tempting 3NT may be it’s asking for trouble to bid it unless it systemically shows this hand type(and that’s not clear in the post at all) - regardless, 6D strikes me as close to frivolous.
Couldn't Walk the Dog.. They Closed the door
Mike - my comment above wasn't meant to be a complete joke. At this vul there are some who think a opening 10 counts is not just desirable but compulsory. On other threads we've seen 1NT responses(certainly to one of a major) advocated as 0+. So(to take ...
Couldn't Walk the Dog.. They Closed the door
If your opponents were part of the bridgewinners community then partner could have 4 cover cards!

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