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Bill March
Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington,UK
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Blind pass or bid!
Arriving at a table(we weren’t late!) an unpleasant junior player (then, not now ) already had his cards out of the board face down on the table - he then proceeded to open 1C, I asked if he had looked at his hand?, to be told ‘ what business is it ...
Bill March's bidding problem: KQ96532 A5 J642 ---
I think they consider 3D to be GF.
Confessions of a Slowcoach
Because of my own slowness I ‘never’ complain of anyone else’s except I did crack once in the kind of situation you’re describing in a Gold Cup match . At one point a player took an absolute eternity to wheel out Blackwood , his partner responded then he went into ...
Confessions of a Slowcoach
The price of pessimism
It's news to me that a 'modern' Acol raise to 2NT can be as weak as 16 but if your preferred poison is to play in 2NT with a combined 22 count(or less with current responding trends)then fine but please just call it what it is, a ...
The price of pessimism
Nay,Nay and thrice nay - these corruptions you refer to are attempts to miss game with 16 opp 9.
The price of pessimism
Axx xxx Kxxx Qxx You can choose to respond 1NT with that hand if that's your style but it wouldn't be ACOL nor(for me) is this my definition of a heart 'fit'.
The price of pessimism
‘ Partner has 10+ HCP and 5 Diamonds or a heart fit’ - Not in any version of Acol I’m familiar with. Though I suppose that if ‘ fit’ is defined as xxx opposite what may be a weak 4 card suit then at least one of your conditions will be true.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
I now know why Clive always sits in the opposite direction to me!
The price of pessimism
Greg - indeed. In the endlessly recycled retelling of the lucky 7C by Belladonna/Garozzo in the Bermuda Bowl it’s rarely (if ever) stressed that at the other table the contract was the equally bad (in theory but not practise) contract of 6NT with AJxxx of Hearts opposite nothing.

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