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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington,UK
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Another 3NT - plan the play
My initial view on this was win trick one, heart to the Ace,run the S9 then play diamond to the 10. I like Roger’s line above - it would be good to know exactly where rho draws the line for a Vul opener Qxxxx KQJxx Qxx - Qxxxx KQJx Qxxx ...
Bill March's bidding problem: KJ9x Ax 8xxx 9xx
Bruce - as a side issue, if your partner opens 1NT and rho bids a natural 2C(not something you might have seen too often) how do you play 2NT?
Bill March's bidding problem: KJ9x Ax 8xxx 9xx
I now think that if I consider it worth an invite(I didn’t) then I should simply double then bid 2NT over a likely 2H.
Haven’t worked out all the variations but this might not be cold after 2 rounds of diamonds and 2 ducks of H.
Bill March's bidding problem: KJ9x Ax 8xxx 9xx
Yes, you can bid 2D/H to play but how do you distinguish between eg an invitational hand with hearts and a GF one?
The Godfather of Bridge
Neither, it was the ‘cigarette smoking man’.
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
If you accept ‘Story of an Accusation’,which initially I did then the answer is simple enough - jealousy and resentment. Ideally we’re above these things but in the real world not.
Couch surfing
The regulation re ‘doubles and redoubles’ is not relevant as to whether a ’Pass’ should be alerted,or is it?
Couch surfing
Perhaps a more interesting question is what interpretation should be alerted. Though many here are sure what is ‘std’ I believe this issue went to the EBL at some point and was not resolved at the time - I would appreciate any update re what the official position is.
Who should sleep on the couch?
Or one big enough for 2!

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