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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington,UK
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How do you play this slam?
Can someone check my maths! - assuming rho will always play a quack from QJX then what are the odds for the intrafinesse compared to the 3/3 split, it looks close to me.
A defensive problem
Academic I know but does declarer have some alternate way to show an unbalanced raise to 2H with 4 hearts?
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
The real problem is that whatever the regulations are you will have many players (of all standards) who wont(for whatever reason ) adhere to them. So , in order to ‘protect’ yourself you have to slow the game down by asking about everything unless you want to risk a ‘just bridge ...
Mindless revoke
I’m not consistent on this ,I would let this go most of the time but depending on who the declarer is might not.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy
Nigel - though I’m no expert on LTC I’d always believed that the starting point for opening the bidding in the original ‘system’ was a 7 loser hand.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy
If you’d looked at the last USBF trials then you’d have seen that wasn’t a minimum.
Opening and Rebid with a 15-17 NT
1C has more appeal if not playing Walsh.
Assign the blame
Over the years I’ve felt that the best ‘rule’ is ‘don’t bid 5 over 5’. There’s been a lot of criticism over South’s pass of 5H(most of which I agree with) but whether it was forcing or not the 5S by North was just inexplicable ...
Double of unusual 2NT
Is 4S not an option? I’d certainly consider it.
Modified Vacant Spaces
Kit - in your methods how does North show a balanced positive with no H stop, is that by a 3H bid?

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