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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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Bill March's bidding problem: KJxxxx ATxx x KQ
Richard - not in this partnership at any level! From previous posts I’ve seen I’m not clear whether all those that play support doubles at the 2 level play them at the 3 level but just stronger - what’s your own view?
Bill March's bidding problem: KJxxxx ATxx x KQ
I may do a separate article about the reasons people have for abstaining , certainly I have my own. There were a lot of abstentions in the first problem, I guess because many thought that doubling 1D wasn’t ‘proper’ bridge - so OK let’s have the auction with ‘correct’ bidding ...
Bill March's bidding problem: KJxxxx ATxx x KQ
Personally I prefer double to show exactly 44 in the majors and with anything else you bid whatever you would have bid. East on this hand likes to play that bidding one major denies 4+ cards in the other otherwise you double - I don’t know about the rest of ...
Should have posted full hand - west is 2452, east 2632. Depending on which way declarer takes 2 way D finesse then declarer makes 9 or 12(11 on club lead). Not at all certain they’d have bid 5H - we’ll never know now!.
How to bid a strong hand?
Richard - are you suggesting 2H over 1D?
Yes, N was a fan of Top and bottom cuebids but they were not available here.
The weak jump shift response - a contrarian view
That would imply it was mostly about suit quality? Say partner opens 1D and you hold KJxx Qxxxxx x xx - the auction 1D 1H 2C is hardly appealing . All methods have weak areas,what would be your own choice with that hand?
The weak jump shift response - a contrarian view
What approach do most take with the values for a WJS holding 6H and 4S?
A philosophy for Bridge (Life?)
A welcome reminder of the wisdom of my decision over 40 years ago to read no more of this vastly overrated author.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: --- --- KQT653 AKJT962
I’ll look for the poll and cast my vote! In the auction I gave bids like 4 and 5 NT could easily be misconstrued.

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