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Comparable call
I'm not sure we can. Laws don't always say what they mean to say, especially not the first time out of the box. For reasons that are not clear to me, you and I don't seem to be able to agree at all on what "meaning" means ...
Comparable call
As it happens, the instant case is covered in the second document and it lists calls saying: "These calls are all considered comparable as they are subsets of the universe of hands that would have passed initially." IMO, that statement needs some re-examination by the WBFLC, as each of the ...
Comparable call
"Bill, the papers are from the WBFLC." Yes, I realize that. And I take them at their word in the preface that “the Laws Committee has selected the approach they believe to be best. Such choices are not set in stone, and it is possible this may change over time ...
Comparable call
IMO, you are defining "meaning" far too restrictively wrt what a call says *and* rules out. (And therefore giving calls meanings that they cannot have in the context of partnership agreements.)
Comparable call
Thanks, John. A very nice example of a call that satisfies 23A2.
Comparable call
A question, if I may, for those who have answered in the affirmative to "Only bids that deny all possible openings." Which specific calls deny all possible openings, including all possible preempts?
Comparable call
"The meaning must be a subset. What they hold when expressing that meaning is irrelevant. Matters especially for artificial bids." Sorry, but I just don't get what you mean. With the exception of forced bids that say nothing about holdings, that meanings map to holdings and that holdings map ...
Comparable call
What you tell your opponents or write on your cc is normally a shorthand for the basics of the meaning. But there is almost always *much* more meaning inherent in the call. You have this information available whenever your partner makes a call, and your opponents are entitled to this ...
Comparable call
"As if the inadmissible call hadn't happened" is important here. The law is written so as to minimize the chance that the POOT will provide information that would not otherwise have been available to partner. Whether the intended "spirit" of the law is more to allow the normal bridge ...
Comparable call
"The law as written requires that partner gains no additional information from your out-of-turn pass." "No" additional information seems a reasonable restatement of 23A2, but my reading of 23A1 allows for possibility that a call can be allowed on the basis of "same or similar meaning" even if partner may ...

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