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March 20, 2012
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Nov. 26, 2019
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ATB - big club fit
North has to many Keycards for dropping dead in 5 cl. Here 4NT should/could be a good raise in clubs. Alternatively North skould double TO.
Alex Dezieck's lead problem: xx Axx Axx AQJTx
Dummy has a 2-suiter with 5-5 or 5-6 in spades and diamonds. To prevent declarers dimond ruffs, you have to lead spades. Partner may have Hxxx,Hxx,HHx,xxx (8-9 hcp)
Serious and non-serious slam tries
3 ? is forcing but not S/NS. If partners bidding so far is game inviting, 3nt is natural. If partners bidding is strong and gameforcing, 3nt is S/NS. When ever partner is inviting, you need 3spades to set up the "gameforce" and partner may show usefull cards for slam ...
The Worst Agreements in Bridge
Using Stayman without majors, as a invitational bid followed by 2nt. You give the opps infomation You dont need but they might have good use of when defending 2nt/3nt.
Diagnosis: Foul Play
Their own rules? The hearing is within the rules, correct. My point is they could have done it in a better way within the rules. "We" are the common bridgeplayers around the world. Dont forget we are the WBF and the EC is trying to serve us, i hope.
Diagnosis: Foul Play
WBF where not obliged to choose 3 from the EC. They didnt have to select the american chair and they didnt have to make the hearing in the US. These choices are spectacular in an Europeans view, when the accusing part is from the US. I am sure the panel ...
Diagnosis: Foul Play
I am sure that the evidence will stand up in court when appealed. But "the right way"? The hearing in the US with US chairman? You probably find it ok to have a German chairman in Germany for the appeal? I think the verdict is perfectly all right. But WBF ...
Truth is a Bitter Medicine, Ulrich
When I wrote:They where never good ambassadors, i didnt imply cheating. I met these guys at sevarel international events. I dont know if they where cheating but i do know, that they on several occasions where rude and misbehaving. in my opinion a bridgeplayer representing her or his country ...
Truth is a Bitter Medicine, Ulrich
Wenning has done nothing wrong in defending the doctors except for bad judgement maybe. In my opinion, DBV should move on as fast as possible. Give back the medals now. Be more carefull in the future, who You select for your national teams. National teams should represent the nation AND ...

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