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Bob Ciaffone
Bob Ciaffone
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March 31, 2011
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June 22, 2018
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Bridge Writer
about me

Bob Ciaffone is a world-famous poker player, author, and teacher who also enjoys contributing to bridge bidding theory in his spare time. Known as "the Coach", he writes a monthly column for Card Player magazine. He lives in Saginaw, MI.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
bridge coach for the Detroit Bullets
Bridge Accomplishments
LM since 1969; blue ribbon qualified
Regular Bridge Partners
Joanne Mosca and Bill Burger
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Saginaw, Bay City, Midland
Favorite Tournaments
Detroit Regional
Favorite Conventions
Modified Kokish Relay; Modified Hamilton; Roth 2/1 responses to major
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
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ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
One thing that should be realized in this discussion is the ACBL and your local bridge club have vastly differing interests regarding cell phones--with good reason. The ACBL wants to protect against cheating. Your local club is unlikely to have any cheating through cell phone usage. The ACBL may need ...
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
"Out of sight" is an unnecessarily strict rule. My phone stays on vibrator alert. Having a phone ring is annoying. But looking at your phone to see who is calling you is a reasonable action.
The Bridge World
I love The Bridge World. But it would be better if it had two MSC contests, one on bidding and one on leading. Each would be scored separately. Maybe 2 lead problems per issue.
Weak no trump, changing tactics for teams
I think it is fine to play weak notrump part of the time, because you can play the same system for both without losing anything meaningful. I suggest you play weak NT non-vulnerable for both IMPs and matchpoints. I used to be ambivalent on what to play at both vulnerable ...
Degrees of Cheating
As a rules expert in other games besides bridge, I can assure you that players new to a game or those who play in a casual environment often violate the rules of the game, usually unwittingly. We do not want to drive such players away from the game, but we ...
Opening a strong 2!C with just clubs
BBO says that in ACBL events that the partnership with no agreement is assumed to be playing the ACBL Yellow Card.
Natural or Leb
I suggest to you that the major suits are not alike. After a 1H opening bid by RHO, a wide-ranging balancing 1N by partner, and a 2H rebid by opener, advancer's double should be a negative double with a spade suit.
1M P 1N in a 2/1 structure
Danny, What would you use the 1NT bid for if you knew that your partner did not have 18-19 balanced?
1M P 1N in a 2/1 structure
The way I play bridge is to use 2C-2D-2N (all our bids) to show 18-19 balanced HCP. This is a wonderful convention that I invented and have played with several partners for more than a decade. This agreement fits into these transfer systems like a glove, and frees up a ...
1M P 1N in a 2/1 structure
A big factor in how you handle major suit opening bids (forcing or semi-forcing) is whether or not you play Flannery. Opinions on Flannery from some of the world's best players range from "my favorite convention" (S Weinstein) to "I hold as lot of sixcard diamond suits" (E Rodwell ...
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