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Bob Heitzman
Bob Heitzman
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Basic Information

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Sept. 17, 2010
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Actuary; avid interests in bidding theory and professional basketball; teaching the games to 5 grandsons, now ages 5-11.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A sectional swiss ten+ years ago where my team tied for first with a team that included several world class players; my partner was my daughter, Carla, and my teammates were my wife, Helen and our friend Alex Perlin.
Bridge Accomplishments
100+ sectional and regional wins; 2 seconds in NABC+ events
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Perlin, James Sundstrom, Mike Prahin, Alex Allen, Jeff Morgan
Member of Bridge Club(s)
(the original) Cavendish in NYC
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals; my favorite site is Wash DC; second favorite is New Orleans except the food is too good to play bridge well
Favorite Conventions
Drury Doubles; Ultra Hi Def
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: AQJT87 AKJ T8 A4
If you're playing with a good partner, it's very unlikely he will pass with a hand that will cover 2 of your 5 losers. In the meantime, all sorts of bad things can happen if you double that prevent you from showing the main feature of your hand--spades--at ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AKQ 753 T7653 86
It is much less likely that lefty will be declarer, a spade lead is required, and partner would not find one without help than that we have to compete over 1 to achieve par. Give me a red suit doubleton and three small clubs and I'd pass. Put ...
John Uchida's bidding problem: A87 KT432 T9 Q87
It depends on agreements. My preferred agreement is that 2 is natural and double is responsive. I believe "standard" is that double is business and 2 is a cue-bid.
What Does This Double Mean?
Henry, by some other value I mean, e.g., a club doubleton. Hi Robin. Regionals have lost their attraction for me--an endless parade of pros and their clients. I still love NE, I just don't go there for bridge much. Isn't there a national in Boston in the ...
What Does This Double Mean?
Borrowing terminology from LC, I call doubles in competitive auctions where one side or both has bid and raised a suit--so we have strong evidence that the deal is not a misfit--"law-enforcing". Overcaller should normally pass but if he passed previously with extra heart length or club shortness, he ...
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: Txxx Kxx AQxxxx ---
Then again, WE could be missing a slam if I pass. My thought process is I would have opened 1.
Dick Bruno's bidding problem: A4 AQ4 AKT43 AK4
I'm pretty sure Rubens would tell us that 4 is's one of his favorite themes. As for 4N, who knows? I think it's more likely than not that we have them all and there is no reliable way to find out. I guess I ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: 5 AQ86 8542 AK75
I would have thought of all people that Aviv would go with the active cue.
Another 2N-bid
So basically partner had the choice of defending 2 or getting to 3N. What happened to all the space in between?
Another 2N-bid
KJx Kxx Axx Txxx

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