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Bob Okker
Bob Okker
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July 4, 2014
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May 27
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United States of America

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Have mastered the Practice Finesse.
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Todd Holes's bidding problem: AJT AQJ96 K9 AQ5
Right. So why 4 and not 4?
Why Hasn't ACBL Replaced SAYC w/ a Basic 2/1 System Instead?
"Just be careful what book you use -- try to avoid the ones that are written to what the author thinks 2/1 should be, rather than what it actually is." And it actually is . . . what exactly?
Why Hasn't ACBL Replaced SAYC w/ a Basic 2/1 System Instead?
I've never seen anyone who claims to be playing SAYC, play SAYC.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: Q6 A9 AK863 A653
So it's worth 12-14?
1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.
A 1z rebid, in Standard, is not forcing. The upper range is open to agreement, but those you've listed are a bit low (in my opinion). More like an upper range of---up to a "bad" 18. Otherwise rebid a non-forcing 2NT, or jump-shift to 2z. With the "perfect" 17 ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Also, the part about a reverse being a non-jump. So that: 1 - 1 - 2 is a reverse, and 1 - 1 - 2 is a jump-shift.
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Yes, Art, a fundamental disagreement. :) I believe a simple poll asking the forcing nature of a reverse (with the caveat that responder was a passed hand) would result in an overwhelming majority agreeing that it is still forcing.
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
No, the "missing factor" is that responder never responded and could very possibly be the proud owner of a zero count. Even if responder were a passed hand, if he intitially responded (for simplicity let's show an auction with no interference), then a reverse is still 100% absolutely forcing ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Frances, yes, apparently there are a few:
Todd Holes's bidding problem: K64 4 AJ9754 A82
How many spades is 1?

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