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about me
While I am quite busy with many pro bono bridge activities, bridgeblogging, several bridge magazine bidding panels, and personal activities regarding trying to deal with the ACBL in trying to suggest to them what their responsibilities should be toward making bridge a better game, along with various relationships between the ACBL (Zone 2) and the WBF along with exchanging ideas with the ITT.

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The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Hand from St. Paul, 5th stop on the Sharif Circus vs. Aces tour: North Wolff with neither vulnerable N dealer: N. 4-1-4-4 non-descript 10 hcps, E Garozzo 6 hearts Q109xxx,another 3 hcps possibly 4 clubs to the king 2 spades, 1 diamond, South Jim Jacoby another non-descript 11 hcps ...
Showing the Two of Spades
To Michael, Gary, Thomas and all interested parties to come, We are now at the beginning of what could do wonders for the future of high-level bridge, the best players now and the ones to come (some getting their start, courtesy of their country's willingness to accept and thus ...
Showing the Two of Spades
Hi Michael, From your series of posts, I, no doubt, strongly suspect that you have an open mind and, more importantly, sincere motives to whatever is learned, establish truth and by doing so, without subterfuge or, at least an abundance of cunning, to set the history of high-level bridge, free ...
Showing the Two of Spades
Hi Gary, Yes, somewhat hidden until the late 1950s, when Tobias Stone was then barred for one year from playing in the ACBL for only speaking what all the "top" players (America, but also all of Europe) knew as close to 100%, the truth. Stone's sentence was overturned after ...
Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
While timing devices (chess clocks and such) are helpful on 5%* of hands and sophisticated TDs are helpful on 8%* of hands, the cumbersome nature of official timing and/or the bias and lack of sophistication of inexperienced or political TDs occur more often, at least to me, wishing that ...
Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
And one final necessary caveat: Anyone who wants to lessen the last paragraph's requirements, should automatically disappear from the opportunity to serve or even help select such an august committee and, in addition, not be allowed to even try to negotiate any material changes. Reason for the above, is ...
Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
Hi Bill, Sometimes draconian laws result in draconian responses, which too often, tend to influence disastrous, across the board implications, effecting benign pairs one way or the other and then causing unfair final placing among innocent, but affected, other pairs. What we need is a higher court which sorts out ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Second David's suggestion which figures to get more complete bowel movements, eliminating excrement from our system.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Hi Ronald and Tom, Yes, real sociopaths likely enjoy that chill in their bones, while others may cringe, but they regard as fulfilling their destiny, as well as choosing their only way to achieve.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Yes, I appreciate Judy following through on the German problem du jour. Years ago (1958) Jimmy Ortiz-Patino, the legitimate Godfather of the WBF (basically created the organization, got it off the ground, nurtured it, ran it (for 28 years), and before turning it over, sought to give it the teeth ...

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