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Jan. 25, 2011
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about me
While I am quite busy with many pro bono bridge activities, bridgeblogging, several bridge magazine bidding panels, and personal activities regarding trying to deal with the ACBL in trying to suggest to them what their responsibilities should be toward making bridge a better game, along with various relationships between the ACBL (Zone 2) and the WBF along with exchanging ideas with the ITT.

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Rescinding NABC Titles of Convicted Collusive Cheaters
Too early for me to be comfortable with all the details necessary, but heartily endorse its likely result, as a means for survival of our game, and until we constantly search out ways to denounce and severely punish horrendous wrongdoing (ever since 1927 when Harold Vanderbilt apparently changed Whist, then ...
Wolff signoff and !D slam try
Hi Martin, Only if that partnership has a special (and somewhat unusual) understanding. Otherwise that sequence should show extra club interest (game or even on occasions slam) not diamonds. In the case of diamonds a simple 3 diamonds over 2NT should accomplish the same agreement. Additionally, until and unless over ...
Wolff signoff and !D slam try
Although I do not remember ever having that exact sequence I would guess that the inclusion of 3 clubs (forcing 3 diamonds) and then 4 diamonds would amount to most likely s. Axxxx, h. x, d. KJx, c. AJxx or more high cards and a 4-2-3-4 distribution. No doubt the ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
Hi Jeff, Just possibly more good news is that people are dying now who have never died before, insuring no interruption of money flow, but what about inherited master points suggesting that when there is a will, there will be more great bridge players, even though they only be just ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
Not to mention having forever to enjoy it. Would one rather own an immortal porpoise or to have an immoral purpose?
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
Yes, a good post, and so is your retort, if only to remind everyone that all this divisive political commentary is likely to do, is promote ever lasting hate which, similar to bigotry, does not evaporate easily. Rather instead, too slowly for most idiots (trying to win elections), when eventually ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
Without knowing much for sure, but trying to guess and using estimated numbers, in the late 1950's it was announced and accepted that there were about 40 million bridge players in the USA alone ...(people who knew the basic bridge rules), translated into about 17% of the US population ...
Confession Is Good For The Goal
Hi Michael, Then please accept my apology and being fair is always a necessity. Yes, I was under that impression, now obviously wrong, that you thought them innocent. Since I fluctuate on and off in tuning in to Bridgewinners, I need to be more careful in my assumptions. Anyway, flucked ...
Confession Is Good For The Goal
Hi Michael, In order to cut talk short let me only talk about bias, truth and nationalism. Is it bias when in my case I think Terence Reese, in his day, sometime before Buenas Aires, 1965 was, best as I can think, certainly in the top five players ever, no ...
Confession Is Good For The Goal
Hi Nigel, Yes that happened and I do know since it was that team which beat the team I was on in the 1981 Vanderbilt. (Detroit) BJ Becker was a wonderful man and an underrated bridge player, at least to me, among the best to ever represent the USA. What ...

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