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Brad Johnston
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Sept. 7, 2014
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Youth player from New Zealand.

New Zealand

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Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: AJT KQJ87 T AJ83
Partner can always run [i]after[/i] we've been trapped if we actually are - the last thing I want is for partner to run to 3. But my pips are pretty good and I don't think we have game on - so 2 may well be ...
2D weak one major
4 is xfer me to your suit 4 is bid your suit 4M is to play Edit: I guess this shows that I obviously didn't read the comments above.
Coffee housing
And this behaviour is a good way to ensure another 12 year absence. 'Teasing' the bad break would be fine, but profiting from it just isn't bridge.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Just start playing outside the purview of the ACBL - Australia's warm, with great beaches and the best run bridge tournaments I've seen.
No inspiration yet
Maybe we need to find a line that caters to the layouts where 3N fails. I dunno, I haven't felt the inspiration yet either.
The Most Amazing Grand
The auction wasn't given in any analysis - but at our table started with 2 2 x 4; 5 p 6 p; p 6 Take what you will from South's bidding, but you may be able to envision the position; or even ...
1 1; 3N to show a running suit is a good way to get there
Playing a 2/1 sequence, I don't see the rush to bid 1 p 1 if I can instead set a GF. It stops lurching auctions like this one and 1 1; 2 3 gf - which is equally ugly. Playing 2 as ...
An inspiration from "size ask or clubs"
1NT p 3NT is a good way to invite with a minor
An inspiration from "size ask or clubs"
It's better to play as Steve does above, having 2N as both minors weak, s weak, or s strong. 5-5 minors strong should be elsewhere (as 3 is commonly used as puppet, it's also common to play 3 as GF 5-5 in the minors)
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