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Brad Moss
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Aug. 4, 2010
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about me

My wife, Jennifer, my son, Cian, and my daughter, Lyra, are the center of my universe.  They try to keep me grounded and sane, but really how much can you expect from only three human beings?

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
rosenbloom 2010, Bermuda bowl 2017 any hand that joeboo goes down in and could have made
Bridge Accomplishments
steve won a regional with gavin???
Regular Bridge Partners
joe grue, justin Lall, Fred gitelman
Favorite Conventions
the countdown
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What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
in my experience its very obvious when a player is consulting the notes, when they aren't and exactly at what point.
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I also think that technology will greatly solve the UI issue. when bidding is on tablets, the defenses can be accessed silently. so I think all we need is a temporary "bridge" to get us home:)
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
I have sympathy for both views. chip/howie, do you not think it creates UI by looking/ not looking? Michael do you not think that there is an information asymmetry without the written defenses? perhaps we can do a better job of standardizing the protocol of looking at the defenses ...
Congratulations Greg Lawler
congrats Greg. thank you so much for giving your time and efforts to all of us.
Poll #3: Restrictions on Player Who has Qualified for Two Events
by its very construction, the poll is unscientific. whether tied or a few votes apart there is almost no meaningful distinction. one might say it is within the very large "margin for error"
Is bridge dying? A second look at the health of our game.
I always enjoy reading your thoughts Jeff; thanks for the insights.
Goodbye, Russ
RIP Russ
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
Hey Bundy! Hear ya about the deterrent argument. Im just not sure it really works.
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
hey Max, thanks for your always insightful commentary. again IANAA, but is your solution for incentive viable? if so, it might solve the ACBL financial issues. all we need is a few more cheats:). IMO your point about adult vs student, and the type of cheating involved, is very important ...
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
I certainly understand the sentiments expressed here, and I sympathize. however, I am strongly on the other side of the argument. for starters I do believe in second chances, in life and in bridge. if a player fully confesses providing the whos, the hows and the whens, if he/she ...

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