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Brady Richter
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Oct. 20, 2011
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One useful strategy after your side 1 nt opening
I'm relaxed I promise. I do admit to being slightly triggered from your suggestion that his two possible outcomes are playing in a 4-2 fit and getting a recorder form. Quite a statement on the average US tournament bridge player, and I admit that it wouldn't surprise me ...
One useful strategy after your side 1 nt opening
My god this post offended you so much that it took you three responses to get it off your chest? And what has this monster done? 1. Tried a very non-standard bridge response for 3 years and got excellent results. 2. Not kept it in his pocket, but shared it ...
Brady Richter's bidding problem: Q3 64 AKT9754 85
I'm not trying to plump anything. This is a extremely high variance problem- The fewer hcp partner has, the more likely righty has a 4 trump limit raise type of hand and passing becomes clear. If pard is a chicken, it raises the chance that there is a 5th ...
Assess Our Auction
I'm surprised you did not include East's final pass in the poll. Not that I think it's crazy, but 4 clubs is certainly a reasonable alternative and he knows about the (mild) double fit.
Monaco Triumphs in 2012 Spingold After 52-0 4th Quarter
I read Larry's sentiment as something purist along the lines of: "Let's discuss if it would be nice if we could have one event accurately divided among country lines" Surely you could imagine the uproar if the 11 best soccer players decided to leave their teams to play ...
want a math workout?
No need Tom the long math by Josh and Jon is certainly right I was just going for something that is possible to do at the table.
want a math workout?
Let's go for the non-calculator version: Partners known 12 cards are Kx Ax AQxxxx Kx. Assuming you don't know about the black queens, there are 26 unknown cards (diamond king excluded). So let's deal the last card: 9 are spades, 9 clubs, 2 diamonds and 6 are ...

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