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Nov. 16, 2018
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about me

I became totally smitten with bridge in 2016. Since then, I've created new web-based scoring software ( and started a bridge club (

United States of America

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Alternatives to BBO for non-ACBL online games
Thank you, Joe, for your kind words :-)
Alternatives to BBO for non-ACBL online games
Well, I did preface my article with saying it was for clubs interested in non-sanctioned games. Many clubs, including some sanctioned clubs, are more interested in the the social aspects of bridge than in the masterpoint race. RSVP offers the following features that BBO currently does not: - schedule events up ...
Alternatives to BBO for non-ACBL online games
RSVP Bridge is organized around clubs, so a club would have an account, and add in (or upload) its membership list. The club manager can then create events, and members can sign up for them. The club manager can act as director, or appoint someone else to do so.
4 Day 5278 Table ACBL Online Regional Concludes
Can you expand on how you got BBO data in ACBLScore? I have some USEBIO files I would like to import into ACBLScore, but haven't found a way to do so. Thank you.
(First ever?) Bridge Hackathon - on Sat 23rd May 2020
Interested! I'm the developer of . React front end, Ruby on Rails backend. I'd love to see an open source robot. Or a play analyzer (this bid implies that...). I'll join in on Discord.
Covid Screens
What if we could play on tablets, but still meet in person? My software, RSVPBridge,, can do this (sorry, home page doesn't address the new online play feature yet, but my YouTube channel does: Currently we are playing while ...
Charity games to support ACBL?
I'm aware they are a 501c(4), as that was mentioned as to why they didn't qualify for the PPP program from the federal government. 501c(3) allows the donor to take a tax deduction ... do we do that for charity games? My club is too small to ...
Charity games to support ACBL?
I'm thinking of games outside of BBO, whenever/wherever that may be, and for a way to support ACBL's operating budget that pays staff, etc. As much as all the ACBL charities are worthwhile, at the current time I'm more interested in helping to keep the ACBL ...
Keeping the social aspect of online bridge
You can have more than one BBO account. I have one for each table. Mind you I'm not keeping score in BBO, it's just the bidding and cardplay. At the end of each round, I have to invite new E/W players to each table. BBO does use ...
Keeping the social aspect of online bridge
Wouldn't it be great if we could get that crowd into playing bridge? Maybe if we relabled the Aces as Wizards etc and described it as a battle, it would appeal more :-)

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