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Sept. 17, 2015
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From a bidding box when is a bid final?
Matt, even the EBU rule needs some subjective judgement - at what point has the bidding card been "removed from the bidding box"? This question did lead to a disputed ruling at a County event last year. But yes, I prefer the EBU regulation. The EBU Blue Book describes the regulation ...
From a bidding box when is a bid final?
Similar in England.
500,000-1 Hand
At least you have access to dummy. The usual problem with these very strong hands is that you can't reach dummy. We had a 31-point hand a few years back at our local club: AK3 AK5 AKQJ AK10 opposite J652 1042 53 9643. 6NT has to go two off ...
Assign blame for NS scoring only -80
I'm surprised at the zero match points. Did no one go off in 3NT?
Brian Davies's bidding problem: AQ9763 --- AQJT9 86
Just checking that pass is not a Logical Alternative. Answer seems conclusive! :)
Defense to Multi at the Orlando WBF Championships
It is interesting that I, an average to mediocre club player in the UK, play a system that is too advanced for the great minds at Orlando to cope with except by consulting their notes.
How would you bid this using your favourite system
An Acol sequence: Pass, 1; 2, 4; 4, 6
An interesting hand... advice appreciated...
I'm not sure why a natural over-call should have a maximum of 16? How do you play pass, then double of the expected 2 when it comes back to you?
English selection for Venice Cup
"Why does this rate an article when the Seniors and Open team selections don't" The more relevant question is why none of the selections merit a news item on the EBU's own web-site? Or am I missing something?
Define 'Fragment'
I like the principle that we should describe a the features of a hand, rather than using a bridge term which may have different meanings for different people. But is it practical? Consider a simple bridge term such as "Balanced". I could point you to any number of old texts ...
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