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Brian Platnick
Brian Platnick
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Jan. 16, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

In addition to playing bridge, I am currently a member of the ACBL seeding committee.  I have also coached 2 junior pairs in the program run by Michael and Debbie Rosenberg.  When not playing bridge, I spend my time trading stock options, chilling with my family, and traveling. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 2017 Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 1991 World Juniors, 2010 Spingold, 2017 Spingold, 2010 Rosenblum, several other 1st/2nd place finishes in NABC events. WBF World Grand Master,
Regular Bridge Partners
John Diamond.
Favorite Tournaments
USBF team trials
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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VOTE on Tardiness Penalty
I don't have a strong opinion, but it would go a lot way to eliminating this issue if: (1) pairs did a better job of completing their USBF convention cards and summary pages (2) people bothered to read through opponents CCs before sitting down at the table
Not sure about current procedures, but until recently the ACBL process after the filing of a player memo: - The player might receive a demerit - 3 demerits = a citation - 5 citations, and you're looking at a violation. - 4 of those, and you'll receive a verbal warning. - Keep it up ...
Outraged by the USBF
"George makes an excellent point that, in this current system, women make up 75% of the players who have to take a back seat and wait. So, effectively, women are being dumped on (I am not saying that anyone intended this consequence)." Melanie, Without getting into arguments about gender equality ...
Outraged by the USBF
Michael, Do you think Meckwell should have been allowed to play in the Open trials this year even though they have already qualified as USA 1? If so, do they have to declare before the 2018 trials what they plan to do for the 2019 trials and for which team ...
Three Deals from the USBC Semifinals
Hi Jim, It’s been a while, how is everything? You obviously meant 6, and yes that was a great hand. Another of my favorites was board 7 from the first quarter of the semis. JD found the killing shift to beat 3NT - a great play that was missed ...
Another Zia class act story
Hi Barry, As I was reading this story, I couldn’t believe the amazing coincidence. Many years ago, several people including myself and John Diamond hired Zia to play with our friend, who is also named David, for a birthday present. David goes by “notzia” on BBO. Zia also bought ...
2019 USBC Finals Set
Thanks Oren, you and Ron are the best. In a few years when you were winning Bermuda bowls left and right, don’t forget me, JD, and Ron.
2019 USBC Finals Set
The Open final should be a great match. Whichever team wins, the US will have a worthy representative in the Bermuda Bowl. For me, watching a bridge match on BBO is like watching a football game. Sometimes I’m cheering for a particular team or player, other times I’m ...
Priorities for the WBF?
Michael, "Adam is intellectual and fundamentally honest." I generally agree but one exception. I don't find Adam to be objective when it comes to Objectivism.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AQT4 --- AJ KQJT874
David, I was all set to email an apology to you for my obnoxious comment on the BRP drop-in thread, but then I read this.

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