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Brian Platnick
Brian Platnick
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Jan. 16, 2011
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about me

In addition to playing bridge, I am currently a member of the ACBL seeding committee.  I have also coached 2 junior pairs in the program run by Michael and Debbie Rosenberg.  When not playing bridge, I spend my time trading stock options, chilling with my family, and traveling. 

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 2017 Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 1991 World Juniors, 2010 Spingold, 2017 Spingold, 2010 Rosenblum, several other 1st/2nd place finishes in NABC events. WBF World Grand Master,
Regular Bridge Partners
John Diamond.
Favorite Tournaments
USBF team trials
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Grand Life Master
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Honolulu BOD Journal
Agree 100% with Jan above. As already mentioned, the original motivitation behind announcing NT range was to protect the opening side. It seems better to require everyone to announce, but have no penalty for a failure to announce.
Should Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal?
Jean-Charles, How can the bridge community of Monaco feel any pride in the tainted medals their team has “won?” I would think that you would want to renounce every win associated with FN and focus on the future.
Another claim problem
Michael, I agree with you almost 100%. In the OP, my view is declarer would take 12 tricks even though he had AKTx instead of AKJx. Again, if the defenders call the director who ruled down 1, I think that is reasonable and have no sympathy for declarer. However if ...
Another claim problem
Michael, As I stated initially, on this particular hand, I would concede 12 tricks. However if someone else thought differently, called the director, and the ruling was down 1, I would have zero sympathy for the declarer. What do you think about this example: Dummy: x AKQJ Qxxx Qxxx Declarer ...
Another claim problem
Michael, to answer your question, “how far do you carry this "mercy"? Not very far. If declarer makes a bad claim, I assume they forgot a card, had a blackout, or are confused in some way about the hand. But In this particular case, my judgment is that even the ...
Another claim problem
I agree with Michael, however on this hand as a defender I would just concede the 12 tricks. But if someone called the director who ruled down one, I would have zero sympathy for the declarer.
The ACBL is constantly criticized here, but they deserve a lot of credit for their handling of FN.
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
David, Agree with Matt Smith that you should disclose to opponents your agreement about swinging. However, I have never had an opponent disclose anything to me in this situation. I once had an opponent, who is one of the most honest, ethical players in the world (in a match we ...
Agree. Then south gambled that partner had one more club or diamond and one fewer heart. Unlucky.
Another case of flexible signals.
With the first hand, he would likely play a diamond at trick 2.

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