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Brian Schroeder
Brian Schroeder
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July 22, 2011
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58 minutes ago
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United States of America

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James Berglund, Eugene Kales
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James Berglund / Brian Schroeder
2/1 FG
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Yehudit Hasin / Brian Schroeder
2/1 FG
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Eugene Kales / Brian Schroeder
2/1 FG
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Should Michaels require an alert?
The ACBL alert pamphlet specifically mentions top+bottom as being not alertable.
Dinkin Donut
Thanks for the post about this cool hand. Jeff Goldsmith wrote an article about it closer to the time when it happened, and it has a few different details. The cards are played in a slightly different order, but it still comes down to the squeeze: http://jeff-goldsmith ...
An Infrequent Squeeze Hand History From Kitzbühel
West pitched Q on the A.
Board 2 from the 01/07/2016 Common Game
On the stated auction to 3NT, West would be on lead, not East. A seems to be the natural lead. Still the contact should make.
Greg Hump: love him or hate him he is a genius.
There is a similar theme in an old column from Jeff Goldsmith.
The Whole Story
I noticed that the URL above has been updated as of August 24. Mike Passell is not listed, but several new names have been added with probation periods starting in August 2015. Is Mike Passell excluded because of the appeal, or has his ...
The Whole Story
I sure hope the director was called.
Au Revoir, Committees
Is there some current proposal to eliminate committees? Appeals would still be possible without committees, right? The idea I heard a few years ago was to have a director panel handle appeals. I guess I don't know exactly what was meant by a director panel or how it would ...
The example hand only has 12 cards. Is it meant to be 3=6=1=3? The splinter makes sense with that shape, but I think the example hand is not quite good enough. The splinter should be a slam try looking for covers in clubs and spades.
ACBL Rank Survey
And the comparisons are even more limited than that. For flight C you would only be able compare results when the board is played C vs C. About 1/9 of the plays of each board are available for flight C comparisons on average (assuming 1/3 of the pairs ...

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