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Brian Zaugg
Brian Zaugg
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a hotelier in Seattle (for nearly 30 years now), started bridge around 2000 (rubber, on, and duplicate around 2005. I like to bid, and because I like to bid I've had to become halfway passable as declarer. My opps around here like to bid, also, which forces me to learn at least something about defending (out of self-preservation). Never really learned "standard", so I struggle with that. If I wore jammies to bed, they would be baby NT (10-13) jammies. My home club is the Tuesday night game on Mercer Island at the Mercercrest club, where I also direct about every third Tuesday. It's quite a fun and strong game; come visit us when you're around.

My wife Liliana plays a few times a year, but not often. We have two adorable Basset Hound girls, and three cats. We live in Burien, which is Seattle if you don't live here, and a very nearby WWII era suburb (if you are from here). I support the Detroit Lions (so I must love pain), the Red Wings, and love Cedar Point, in Sandusky Ohio, greatest roller coaster park in the world. I love tacos, thin pizza, really peaty single malt scotches, and roquefort type cheeses. Never clear what we're supposed to put here. Jo Carol Pierce's "Bad Girls, Upset by the Truth" is an unbelievably interesting album, though I'm not sure quite what it is. I like people, and agree with JCP's statement that "friends are great, but for a truly thrilling life you must have strangers".

If you ever give me a bidding poll asking if something is an opening bid, it is. Period. If I would overcall with it (opposite an unpassed partner), I would open it. I really wish to play something like Moscito, and an 9-12 1nt, but live in the land of "if it wasn't invented on the Mayflower, it's banned", the ACBL. 

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Too many to list. It's why I play.
Bridge Accomplishments
Scoring over 60% with my mom as a partner at a very tough club game, twice. If you knew her, you'd know Zia would struggle to do that.
Regular Bridge Partners
Many more than I deserve. Play with me sometime, and you'll see why I have a different partner every day. :)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Mercercrest Bridge Club, Tuesday evenings only, Seattle area, very tough and fun game
Favorite Tournaments
Anytime I get to go to an NABC. But I work and I take non-bridge trips too, so I don't get to go very often.
Favorite Conventions
10-13 NT, inverted supp passes/doubles, non-inverted minors, non-michaels, opening all opening bids, big club, udca
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
Peiyush, the one thing I'm certain of is it can't be a cue bid in support of hearts. To bid 4, I had to be prepared to hear 4 from partner. So if I just had great hearts, how would I have prepared for that potential ...
Michaels variants
I currently play (1m) - 3m as "moose michaels", the type where I couldn't risk partner passing a 1M overcall. With other "michaels" type hands my calls are either 1s or pass. I don't like opps to own a suit just because they opened it, but especially not a ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
For anyone else reading, when you come to Seattle, make sure you come by our club (Tuesday nights on Mercer Island). If there's one thing we're known for, it's memorable auctions. :)
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
At my table this hand given above had to act in 2nd seat over a baby NT opening.
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
Coelacanths are fascinating creatures with an amazing story of rediscovery. Well worth dropping down a google/wikipedia rabbit hole, if one finds the time, and the subject of more than one extremely interesting book. I read charitiably, but technically calling someone a coelacanth would mean they were remarkably adapted for ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
I am confused by something. Why not just pay for the convention space/meeting rooms as needed space, and keep the room blocks completely separate? Space has value, everyone should understand that. To "list" the space as free, in reality built in to the room prices, is to add opaqueness ...
Passed hand jump to 2NT
Opened it. Opening my opening hand solves all of these problems. Admitted, there are others, but on balance I find passing opening hands creates more net problems than it solves. Besides, it's more fun to open, and this is a game we're playing. Someone said something like "my ...
Bridge From The Apocalypse
This is awesome. One more reason Australians are just better than us. I went to Fiji once on vacation, filled with Australians, and there were no whiners/professional victims anywhere. Loved their company. Lest those Aussies get big heads, as a knowledgeable American, let me remind them that their All-Blacks ...
NT lead
That was the selection I was looking for (Q). But if I'm leading a club, 4th best from the T. No one ever asks me for opening lead advice, though, unless it's to mock their partner's choice. :)
A "friendly" game
I thought a given condition supplied for this problem was you were playing for fun/practice, and the result wasn't important. Taking that at face value, then why are you upset that they've lessened your score through not reciprocating? Something doesn't compute. If I'm in your ...

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