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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 8543 KJ4 J3 QJ85
I held the hand as was thinking I responded 1nt (not playing transfers of course), but now I recollect partner had opened 1nt, not 1 (playing a lighter NT range, obviously). But 1 as a transfer to 1nt would be my call, no second choice.
What would you rule?
Also, agreements are often different depending on the range of the NT opening, so those two columns are long used. The card is poorly designed, but there is a hopeful rumor going round that it will be revamped, in the spirit of the new conventions charts.
The Next Step
Wouldn't our current society improve dramatically if we didn't have (well meaning but very wrong) heroes ready to take offense on behalf of others who are not offended at all? In all areas? I have a manifesto on this topic but this is clearly not the place. Cheers.
The Next Step
I find at mps I'm often breaking tempo before leading to 1nt (and to 3nt), as I'm not that smart and there's often a lot to think about. But I have a problem when I have one clear lead -- if I lead that right away, it's ...
Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
Also can depend what range the villains' NT opening is. Unknown M (multi-style or woolsey-style) seems a poor fit to me over a weak or baby NT opening, where constructive bidding is so much more important. Basically from raw beginner onward (most of my pards would say not very far ...
What do you think of convention to overcall 1N Bergen used before DONT?
Kit/Steve, I've made this switch with every game regular partner (2 = unknown M/m, 2M = nat), not that your likely to care what I play. :) But after (1nt) - 2^ (one M) - you're particularly vulnerable to leb type interference. Give advancer 3/1 in the M ...
How many spades?
It's probably the same hand, but I perpetrated this very auction. Sorry if it was with Jeff and I'm forgetting. I had 3 spades and 7 hearts, and was using 3 as a strain sorter, figuring he'd show slower heart support if he had it over ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
I too don't understand the people who want to say, he's a human being, don't treat him like a criminal. Criminals are human beings. Criminals made mistakes. We should treat everyone possible with whatever dignity they allow us to treat them with, but we need to judge ...
More about psychs - and maybe a solution that could make everyone happy
Psyches obviously are not a distinct "thing", and grade from clear fantasy all the way into just judgement. It's vaguely similar to why lie detectors can't work -- a lie isn't a thing, no matter how useful the concept of "lies" is to us in understanding. There are ...
Providing Information When Not Asked
Danny, any guess as to when? Are they soliciting commments/suggestions for the new Convention Card? Anything else you can share? Cheers.

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