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Brian Zaugg
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Jan. 26, 2011
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A most Singular beer card
Kieran, please, don't leave that light under a bushel basket; LET THAT LITTLE LIGHT SHINE! Get wife on here to tell us how it was done. I'm in awe.
take-out doubles??
I have a partner who wouldn't consider pass seriously with hand one, but I'm not a convert yet. Hand two is a wtp x; ymmv.
is wide range 1NT open allowed?
Alexander, but if everything is hard to understand, why bar this one thing only? Certainly if hard for a poor club player to understand means we should bar it, this should be near last on that list. Mr and Mrs Chair understand what an 8-14 NT opening means; they have ...
is wide range 1NT open allowed?
Alexander, 8-14 3rd seat has been legal in acbl-land since I've been playing duplicate. We're not talking about liberalizing rules to permit it. Crazy, and crazier the contortions we go through to justify these Amish-style restrictions on purely natural bidding. Let's all understand that just because something ...
is wide range 1NT open allowed?
I'm a 8-14 NT'er NV 3rd, 10-13 in 1st and 2nd Any Vul. If pairs are expected to play against 10-13 without special pre-alerting or holding their hand defenses, I genuinely don't understand what's so different about 8-14 in third. I'm trying to get more ...
Give E one more stray J, please, to satisfy the bean counters and the lawyers. Then since we've established it's fine in acbl-land, we can speak to it's value in tactics (if any). The point counters just kill me.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 8543 KJ4 J3 QJ85
I held the hand as was thinking I responded 1nt (not playing transfers of course), but now I recollect partner had opened 1nt, not 1 (playing a lighter NT range, obviously). But 1 as a transfer to 1nt would be my call, no second choice.
What would you rule?
Also, agreements are often different depending on the range of the NT opening, so those two columns are long used. The card is poorly designed, but there is a hopeful rumor going round that it will be revamped, in the spirit of the new conventions charts.
The Next Step
Wouldn't our current society improve dramatically if we didn't have (well meaning but very wrong) heroes ready to take offense on behalf of others who are not offended at all? In all areas? I have a manifesto on this topic but this is clearly not the place. Cheers.
The Next Step
I find at mps I'm often breaking tempo before leading to 1nt (and to 3nt), as I'm not that smart and there's often a lot to think about. But I have a problem when I have one clear lead -- if I lead that right away, it's ...

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