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Bruce Graham
Bruce Graham
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May 1, 2015
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Jan. 20, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

In the 1970's I played in club games, in Ann Arbor, MI run by Art Price and Brooks Hughes, both of whom I remember fondly.  Enjoyed Swiss Teams at the Motor City Regional on multiple occasions.  All my partners played Kaplan-Sheinwald, so I had to learn that.  Work and family got in the way and I only returned to the game in early 2015.  I can play SA, 2/1GF, Precision, and of course K-S.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Red Points at the Motor City Regional playing Swiss Teams
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Ocala Duplicate Bridge Club (Ocala), Burns Center Bridge (Ann Arbor), Burns Park Bridge (Ann Arbor)
Favorite Tournaments
Motor City Regional
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT, Leaping Michaels
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ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Fisher & Schwartz Defense (Press Release)
The ultimate test will simply be how many people refuse to play with or against them in the future.
Bridge Books showing value of distribution over points
I'm a great believer in trying things and making my own judgments. A method which is easy to use at the table is of primary importance, which is why most people won't go near any method involving fractions to make the evaluation more precise. Over time you will ...
Coming to Orlando
For all we know they might even do a better job at some functions of a healthy organization.
Coming to Orlando
If people want to form and support an organization, who are we to opine that there is "no longer a need for a separate organization". I didn't know they existed either until I read this post, but just knowing that they do confirms that monopoly is not the natural ...
Defender asks Declarer to select the opening lead
The game is hard enough for both declarer and defender alike. Why should you have to put up with grandstanding antics? Maybe his partner should lead out of turn so we can require or forbid a particular suit.
Why bridgesport sucks?
Another reason is called NIH. This syndrome showed up in the middle of the last century as a rejection of anything Not Invented Here. Happens in bridge as well as technology companies. You don't see us running Russian 8080 microcomputers either.
Why bridgesport sucks?
People vote with all sorts of things, including eyeballs, mouse, and feet. Sorry about your relative isolation, but the internet is a really enormous place and as far as I know nobody has reached the end of it yet.
Concede or play on?
I would never give up a hand. Opponents are capable of the most amazing lapses in judgement.
Something very stragne going on with The Common Game
@Barry This is a good thing, but how it happens any why it works can confuse the successors of the original author of the software. In a later epoch they can inadvertently defeat or undo the original intent of the algorithm, with certain negative consequences.
Something very stragne going on with The Common Game
We all know that conspiracies are the most common of things.
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