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Bruce Rogoff
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Nov. 3, 2011
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about me

Love bridge, but don't get to play enough...hope to change that in the near future.  Also play serious tennis, and some golf as well: waiting for the IOC to institute the Country Club Triathlon.

Otherwise, I am a senior partner at Gargoyle Asset Management.  Married to the beautiful Victoria, with 2 kids still living at home (see photo for one of them).  The others are grown up (or think they are!).

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Bill March's bidding problem: KJ9x Ax 8xxx 9xx
Yes, David mentions the scenario where you need Lebensohl, but it doesn't look like FOC (with double of 2C as Stayman, and transfers) are Bill's methods. So now you're looking to split hairs with three different levels of red-suit bids, giving up on a not-unlikely raise to ...
The Bidding Box #4 (ACBL Bulletin, June 2019)
REGARDING "AT THE TABLE" RESULTS VERSUS DOUBLE-DUMMY BEST CONTRACT: One of the issues with bidding contests is that one has to assume best defense. Why? Because you just don't know how revealing the auction might be to arrive at a contract. Let's look at the original posted hand ...
The Bidding Box #4 (ACBL Bulletin, June 2019)
Sorry, only just now seeing this post. Seeing as I select the hands and pairs, write the column, and do the scoring (which is occasionally adjusted with Jim Munday's valuable input), it seems I should make some comments here! My involvement began when I wrote a letter to Brent ...
Bill March's bidding problem: KJ9x Ax 8xxx 9xx
Bill, 2NT as Lebensohl makes no sense to me when I can compete in either red suit cheaply at the 2-level. I'd like to have it available as a natural raise. Given the conditions 3NT is a reasonable shot, as we can probably keep South's 's at ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: ATxx AKxx x KQxx
I like to play 3 here as "mini-maxi" splinter: either inv or huge (like KQxx AKxx x AKJx). So, 4 is typically a minimum GF splinter. Now you have the option to use either level for voids. I like using the 4-level for the huge void hands, where ...
David MacRae's bidding problem: x KJx KQJxx A9xx
I'd want to know more about the East player, and how religiously we redouble with 10+. But without further knowledge I'm guessing we'll beat 2
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: KJ86 --- AJ9862 AK7
Hey Michael, bidding our best suit and forcing to game can't be too wrong. I'd be worried about partner passing a double and not getting enough compensation. I actually would have expected a raise from West whatever I did, so the follow up is a mild surprise. I ...
Robert I. Eachus's bidding problem: AQJ82 4 97 T9742
I would NOT bid 2 without a comfortable rebid over 3-RED. This was predictable and leaves us with unappealing choices. IMO 2 would have been much better, with easy rebid over 2 or 2NT.
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: AQ9732 AT963 --- T8
Hey Michael! Yeah, I would use Michaels here as I'd be worried about losing s when East has a big fit. So get both my suits in now. I'd bid 2 in your follow up auction, though the opponents' silence suggests that partner has decent values ...
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: QJ743 AQ763 A AK
I recall once overcalling 1NT with less than AK109 of RHO's suit. I have a 20-count with 2 potential sources of tricks and 4 quick entries. Even if LHO has 3 stoppers we should beat this unless partner is broke. Not doubling is admitting that you're scared to ...

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