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Bud Hinckley
Bud Hinckley
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June 30, 2010
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Dec. 6
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United States of America

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Richard Mao
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Sapphire Life Master
Charles Clarke - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 of a major game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley-Howard Piltch
2 over 1 game forcing
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Tim DeLaney - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 Game Forcing
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Vicki McIntire - Bud Hinckley
Standard American
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley Sep2016
2 over 1 game forcing
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ACBL Live über alles
“if I had their email addresses” But you wouldn’t have them - and no contact information other than city/town and state/province is available in the ACBLscore file. This “concern” seems to come from club owners concerned a club owner from a nearby club will make contact with players ...
ACBL Live über alles
I just opened an ACA file from a local ACBL club game and tried to find out as much personal information about the players as possible. Trying to think like a conspiracy theorist, you can get the city/town and state plus the masterpoint total for any player. And the ...
ACBL Live über alles
I asked ACBL why the ACBLscore file has been removed from information accessible from the Live for Clubs Results page. Here is the response: "We thought this was a really cool feature (accessing the ACBLscore game file) too. There was an "outcry" from clubs in "very competitive areas" that other ...
ACBL Live über alles
I see software correction for this was completed by end of the next day. Now they need to return the ACBLscore file which is now missing from the reference data.
ACBL Live über alles
The “reference data” at the bottom of the page DID include the ACBLscore file (ACM, ACA, or ACE), the BWS contract file, and an XML file. But not now. Now there is only the BWS file. Not having the ACBLscore file available is a HUGE negative. All of the uploaded ...
Comparable call?
Craig, see my description down page on the negative double minimum being slightly weaker than the Stayman minimum - and the reason for Law 23C.
Comparable call?
Ian, this is the reason for having Law 23C. Directors have been encouraged to be liberal on what we allow for a comparable call. If it is a close decision, we allow it. In some cases, you know the amount of extra information offender's partner has is NONE. In ...
Comparable call?
For this case, using moderately standard methods including Lebensohl, I would probably allow a negative (takeout) double and a 3 cuebid if it's asking for a major. Note that if the offender is smart, he'll know with a diamond stopper he won't be allowed to bid ...
Is 1!c-(Pass)-1!d-(1M)-Dbl a support double for !ds?
1-Pass-1-(1)-Double has shown hearts in Bridge World Standard for decades. But after a 1 overcall, you can easily rebid 1, so for that case only it makes sense for a double to show 3-card diamond support.
Potential cheating method using Bridgemates
Assuming what you say is true, perhaps in a tournament setting your concerns are valid, but for a typical club game, I doubt there is going to be a problem leaving Suspicious Contracts set to scan continuously. Even if these concerns were well founded, I'd think you'd want ...

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