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Bud Hinckley
Bud Hinckley
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June 30, 2010
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Richard Mao
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Sapphire Life Master
Charles Clarke - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 of a major game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley-Howard Piltch
2 over 1 game forcing
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Tim DeLaney - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 Game Forcing
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Vicki McIntire - Bud Hinckley
Standard American
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley Sep2016
2 over 1 game forcing
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DONT vs. Meckwell
I highly prefer any defense where I can show my long major IMMEDIATELY. Statistically, the 1-suiters occur much more often than the 2-suiters.
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
The two clubs in my case will still be a challenge to get 6 tables all the time. Plus, at least one of them want to play against their OWN club members and not ones from the other club! (I think this will be a common desire, but unless you ...
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
"If you are an ACBL Sanction holder not planning on taking your game online , then you are are eligible to pool your players with the Bridge Academy of North Dallas (BAND) Online. We are onboarding the Las Vegas based Spring Mountain Bridge Club (Charlene Mentz) today and we have two ...
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
That six table minimum is going to be challenging, even for the club with the second highest table count in Indiana (behind the Indianapolis Bridge Club which dwarfs all the rest of Indiana). If two clubs in close proximity to each other were able to pool their BBO players together ...
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
I already saw the Mitchell limitation. I hope they allow bye stand relays (bye stand shares) with six or eight tables. I’d hate to be forced into a Skip Mitchell. So much for my mad scientist movements ... (wink).
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
I just applied and hope it isn’t too late. If I had been a club manager, my application would have been sent yesterday about one minute after receiving that email!
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
Since I've been asking for a long time, how does one get their local ACBL club associated with the ACBL Virtual Clubs to be able to play there? Is it completely ready for that?
ACBL Speeds Up Play and Monetizes NABC+ Events
I was wondering what A.F.D. topic would be chosen - good one! But doubt you’ll ever rip me away from my English Premiere League soccer (football) matches. But it might be June, July or August before we see those again.
BBO Team matches - recommended set up options for undo, barometer and kibitz
I just set up and played my first team match yesterday. I gave other players the option of yes or no to barometer scoring. Of course, not choosing barometer scoring makes it like a "real" knockout match. A question I asked on BBO forums but have not yet seen an ...
So easy to mess things up!
On this particular board, the chance of a trump void with LHO was MUCH higher than anyone ruffing when going to dummy for the Jack lead or RHO ruffing something when the Jack lost to a Queen or King. No opposing bidding in this case with them non-vulnerable.

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