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Buddy Bass
Buddy Bass
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April 3, 2013
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March 28
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Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: KJ8 QJ9 AKQJ Q86
Least of the unclear with best upside Pass ~ 1100?
Buddy Bass's bidding problem: KJ85 A65 AQ974 2
My reason for posting: I don't have a problem with pass (Partner could be a bust with xxx in D and no defense and can't find a pass w/R, and 3d is the limit ) I think 3s is clear ( and 4c or 5d >>pass) So I bid ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: 7 AQ87432 9 T974
Ideally 3 - 3n - 4 would show this hand. But playing 1 - 3 as invitational, partner would take this as 3 forcing and 4 gruber So is this hand worth 1 - 3 ( I think so ) at least then the auction 1 - 3 ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AK98654 8 KQ2 A5
Obviously I'm insane! But isn't 6s 50%+ opposite 8counts regardless of cards in h? I like the pressure to bid 7h (is lefty 6-5 10hcp) I love it as an imps problem!!
David Patterson's bidding problem: --- A4 AKJ8764 K965
After 3d-3s-3n- this hand has to lay off the 4s card (Which would be bid opposite most passed hands when I hold it) Maybe 5s,(which I'm sure Ira would call a nothingburger) Ok 5n- probably the money bid at mp(wouldn't that be pick a slam?) Back ...
Correct order for writing down the contract and leading?
It's clearly intolerable for dummy to bookkeep when the action is on him! followed by dummy coming down one card at a time...
Buddy Bass's bidding problem: T KJT ATxxx J7xx
That's what I was thinking. Right or wrong, I've seen it as blood many times. At 300/trick I like my A Kjt
Buddy Bass's bidding problem: T KJT ATxxx J7xx
Thanks Peter, Meaning experts from different regions might have alternate meanings for partners X : Maximal / card showing Strong Take Out oriented Strong Penalty oriented Or perhaps : Partner I got these spades, if all you have is Ds pass Thanks Again
Mikael Velschow-Rasmussen's bidding problem: KJ8xx 98 AJ9xx x
I have to take a deep breath, so my pass is in tempo

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