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Burke Snowden
Burke Snowden
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Aug. 31, 2010
Last Seen
Dec. 27, 2018
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Bridge Director
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making an impossible 6D in Youth Swiss
Bridge Accomplishments
World U21 Championship Atlanta 2013
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Owner, Ace of Clubs BBC, Fort Collins, CO. Head Director, No. Colo. Unit 363 Games
Favorite Tournaments
Summer Nationals, Penticton BC
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Bronze Life Master
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Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
Maybe I have sensitive hearing, but does anyone else think there is a chance one could hear one's partner tapping their screen, either in making a bid or (more likely) when explaining/alerting a call? This could be a problem 1) with the tempo issues already presented, and 2 ...
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
Bidding in tempo is not a requirement of ACBL law... Bridge is a thinking game and, so long as the thinking isn't egregious to the extent it is consistently delaying the game (in which case the policy--or respective lack thereof at present--regarding slow play would take over), players should ...
Drury or splinter?
Other; no amount of hearts correctly describes this hand after 1H-2D; 2H. I personally cannot stand two-way drury, but this hand does not work for standard drury either. Game has good plays opposite: xx AKxxx xx Kxxx or even xx AQJx xxx Kxxx (though that is a rather anemic opener ...
From the Well: Adam Kaplan's Perspective
I think that bridge is not the only thing dying out. Perhaps it will take a bit longer, but all card games will eventually become obsolete, as will cards themselves. I got 'hooked' because I was around cards and card games since I was old enough to know how to ...
Do You?
It would help to know the vulnerability. I assumed that because everyone's name was white that meant none vul but couldn't tell. I will not pre-balance on this ratty collection, especially since partner could be sitting on 4 or 5 good hearts. In matchpoints a double is slightly ...
Ethical double
We have too many Spades to be defending for a beat. Also, I know that at my table, we sometimes look at the hands after playing them to see how to bid it/make it, etc. I always mix up my cards after looking, but I have caught my partner ...
aggressive opening?
Also, note that I am not a huge rule of 15er, I would open it if I had had 4 spades instead of 4 hearts because of the possibility of buying it for 2 spades or pushing them to 3H. (even despite the loser count)>:(
aggressive opening?
Are you trying to get a board back? ;D No... the seat is wrong, the vulnerability does not help (though it is not a deciding factor), the shape is too boring and flattish, and I would prefer having this hand as a response or a takeout double than an opening ...
7NT for both sides?
Apparently the html for the hand did not work. Try this URL: or w
7NT for both sides?
For those of you who have actually answered, and the cheaters in the world (I know you're out there ;D ), here is an example hand: {handviewer d=s&v=b&c=&n=d765432c8765432&e=dakqjt98cakqjt9&s=sakqjt98hakqjt9&a=-7ns or w} Both South and West can make 7NT. If ...

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