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Cameron French
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March 30, 2014
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about me

I am a retired teacher.  By night, (bridge) blogger, writer, editor, director, occasional teacher and social player. 

I wrote Collateral Damage, the sordid story and cold case of a stolen National title. You can see it and other essays here;

I and a few others fail to grasp why the ACBL cannot hear and appeal that was filed in 1979 at the event in question. By that abdication, they have conspired to deny the title to the rightful winners and thereby endorsed self-confessed and convicted cheaters. 

I reside in suburban Toronto, and am back at work (where I belong) after a year off with a fabulous month volunteering in Rwanda and happy in love life

I have a fabulous son with the greatest name in Negro League history. You can figure that out.

Anyone is invited to email me at 



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Playing Barry Crane.
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Published in The Bridge World on four occasions.
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Is 2!H forcing?
Bro, Perhaps it's time to ditch or discuss the bromad.... C
#ZEROTOLERANCE Open Barcelona 2019
You don't need to be the Amazing Kreskin to see this mine-field of chaos looming. Where is the leadership? Are we now going to bury those who can't bring themselves to play cheaters? We need some law, order and good governance but instead - fatigued by decades of indifference ...
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
Do you call that a "hole in one"? C
Dutch Spiral
I nominate "Tim's Dutch Twist". A tribute to both its father and prodigy. Sounds like a Tim Horton's donut...warm, soft, delicious. C
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
Eugene will survive. Love to hear more "Richie" tales. He seemed to be "stuff legends are made of"... Thx for sharing. C
No cheating but this bidding
It's a common theme in The Bridge World's MSC which is typically solved with 3NT. Like opening INT with a singleton, I don't like it, not for me but I understand it. No hard feelings. C
Keep Bridge Alive
Bridge has furnished me with life long friends, opportunities and is such an intellectual nectar that like a bee to the flower, I am intoxicated with its delicious fragrance. Short of children, nothing has provided such enduring pleasure. From the backwash squeeze to the Grosvenor Gambit, it never ceases to ...
You Be the Coach - Part III
5♣: A nudge. Trust I am playing with the same "conservative" bidder and she is not making up for our recent loss. Like opening pass.
An open letter
Eloquent and entertaining. For you I suggest Kelsey/Ottlik (Adventures in Card Play) not the boring Love's Squeeze Play Complete. More up your alley. Best of luck in your ongoing advancement. C
meaning of a bid
I'm surprised no fans of TBW called it a "Bluhmer". Named after Lou, it shows extreme value for bidding so far, and no wasted values (like xxx or xxxx) in the last (jump) bid. Of course part of being a collaborative partner is making life easy for partner. This ...

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