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Camille Cros
Camille Cros
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May 2, 2012
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Feb. 10
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
One time I was dummy 6 boards in a row and set up my new personnal records of highest number of consecutive boards without any blunder in the play
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Yet to be accomplished
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2/1 game force, 5 cards majors
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Is this 3!s bid forcing?
How can 3 be forcing as advancer has already limited his hand by pasing over 3 ? Hence 3 shows and sufficient values to risk a call over 3... but is limited by the failure to overcall earlier Partner will pass when this is right to
Camille Cros's bidding problem: J QJ98x AKQ9xx K
@Martin, that's a point But on another hand, South rates to hold fewer than 2 and NS may well have a fit where they could score +140 or more. If you balance, South will probably have a easy balancing double which will proprell his side into its ...
Stayman with 4333 Invite
Sorry, this is for GF hands only
Stayman with 4333 Invite
A not so uncommon convention in France is 1NT-3 = optionnal stayman Responder is expected to hold a 4CM333 or some 4432 with soft values such as Qx in the doubleton suit. As these day 1NT can be based on 5422 distribution or with 5CM blasting directly to 3NT is ...
Camille Cros's lead problem: ATx Ax Txx ATxxx
My first thought was to lead trump, Ace and another one. But then I feared a (unlikely) short K in parter's hand and I opted for a passive diamond. Declarer held : x QJ10xxxx AJx xx Dummy was : Qxxxxx Kx Qx QJx So this dubious lead was granted with a ...
Camille Cros's bidding problem: ATx Ax Txx ATxxx
For all those who chosed to pass this I suggest you state the lead you would have choosen (and duly anticipated before passing) at the table
Should we have taken the push?
There are many options available but none for "4 is wrong" Then it's too late to try anything else than a blind stab
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
In a GS slam contract a player had to handle this trump suit: Dummy : Qxxx (and plenty of entries) Dec : AJ10987 The player took the lead in hand and followed by a low trump to the Queen and the (onside) King. When partner came back at the table (he was ...
Interesting play in 3!d
Agree, a 2 balance over 2 is very uncommon Edited now Thanks
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: K KQT96 AQT KQT5
In wich other strain than do you expect to land ? It can't be , but it could be . I'd rather opt for a direct 6 and partner may correct to 6 if he has 4 of them

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