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Candice Ginsberg
Candice Ginsberg
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March 21, 2011
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July 19
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
playing in my first Venice cup in Shanghaii 2007
Bridge Accomplishments
Australian Womens Team
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Beaumont Bridge Club
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SWPT in Canberra Australia
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Good luck to our Australian Women's team for the PABF
Good luck to everyone!
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: Axxx xx QJxx AJx
I would have bid 3 spades over 3H. It doesnt promise extras because we now have to bid at the 3 level. Then if partner doubles 4H I would pass.
Thanks Kate. Excellent article!
Board 4, 26th February
B opened one spade and I had 3 options.. I could bid 3 spades which would show 4 cards and weak, I could bid 1nt but we only do that with 3 card support and weak or limit with 3 card support, or I could bid 2 spades which is ...
Board 4, 5th February 2019
On this hand I had so many options... too many and I am not sure i made the correct decisions. Firstly I could have bid one no trump and then 2 spades if the oppos bid or partner bid again ( likely ) to show a weak raise but I liked my ...
Liz Sylvester's bidding problem: AQ AQ986 A97 AKT
We would open 2c. Over 2d we bid 2H which is a puppet to 2S and then we bid 2nt. In our system this shows exactly a balanced 22 to 23 HCP hand
I would play it as a trap pass of 3 clubs with some values so my partner can either bid with long spades or leave it in. Barbara Travis.... I hope I have this right!
Hi Kate. Thanks so much for doing this for us. Its going to make a bid difference xxx
USA Venice Cup team member (Migry) denied visa to Indonesia?
Tracy, you say you are against the Dutch Seniors accepting the last qualifying spot when quite possibly the members of the team are unaware of what has transpired yet you state above that you are happy if Migry Zur Campanile plays and happy for USA 2. This is confusing. Neither ...
Banned in Bali
After the tragedy at the Munich Olympics it would be remiss of the IBF not to have concerns whenever there is an International competitiion and the Israelis are well trained so that to suggest they would be running around the streets of Nusa Dua and that they might get trigger ...

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