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March 31, 2014
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BBO Best Hand Idea
Neither. I would expect BBO operations to understand that a game resembling real bridge would be a feather in their cap.
BBO Best Hand Idea
I would think that BBO would want to have at least ONE game that resembles real bridge, one that puts a premium on good bidding that does not include initial psychics to try to bamboozle the bots. I should not have to spend my time explaining that concept to BBO ...
BBO Best Hand Idea
How about totally random deals, with A: Robotic 1st calls (all four calls) being BBO Standard; B) robots defending double dummy and giving standard defensive count and attitude after the opening lead? Now you have REAL BRIDGE- no nonsense on the opening bid. And you have a game of mostly ...
A "What's this double?" from the world junior online championship
If I was East I would have something like QJT8 x KJT9x xxx. It means "shuddup, partner!"
ATB -620 instead of +620
Richard, I don't wan't to invite with this pile of trash over opps forcing 3D fit-jump.
ATB -620 instead of +620
If you pass over 3D and LHO's 3H is passed around to you, it suggests that LHO's hand was not helped by his partner's fit jump. Therefore your side's diamond values are less useful (in front of the hand with diamonds). Also, LHO's meek 3H ...
ATB -620 instead of +620
I gave this hand to a friend of mine, Jeffrey Polisner. He came up with what I regard as the correct answer: PASS. Then if North signs off at 3H passed around, you can bid 3S as a BALANCE. If over your pass North bids 4H, you bid 4S as ...
ATB -620 instead of +620
Why doesn't West envision two heart and two diamond losers, and probably a black ace loser after East bids 3D? I think a free bid of 3S over 3D is quite adequate.
Another online NABC, another proposed system to play with the GIBs
1. I don't see why you should always have the best hand. Is that a NECESSARY restriction in the robot program? 2. A much better competition would be one where everyone's first call is made by the computer, using the BBO system.
What does this 4!S call mean?
If one is supposed to have an "agreement" on the meaning of 4S over partner's 4H, I am quitting bridge and sticking to chess or backgammon. Life is too short to have discussions with partner about such minutia, let alone remember all the agreements.
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