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Sept. 19, 2011
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playing midnights with Justin Lall as partner
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Teaching or Disclosure? The General Grammar of Cue-Bidding
I was playing in a regional recently, my partner opened 1D and it went p p 2D. My partner passed and opponent bid 2H. I had JTxxxx in hearts. I did not ask the meaning of the cue bid; I passed. The bidding continued 2S p 3c p p and ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
My district has a pro am game on the Monday of the regional, where a newer player is randomly paired with an experienced player and a 24 board game is played. I brought a player who is not an ACBL member, has played social bridge only and is now recently ...
Soliciting ideas for a spring event preceding the NAP flight B and C finals
I am surprised there is no limited BAM event anywhere in the NABC, (unless you consider Mixed to be protected.) I think that there should be a limited BAM to introduce players to that format. It's intimidating to play open BAM when you haven't had much exposure. I ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Sorry. I should have been more clear. Should a player who has won an open national event be allowed to compete in a limited event? I would include wins in second string open events such as Wernher Pairs as a national win, but not flight 0 to 10k events and ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
I think this subject deserves a thread of its own. Should players with a national win be allowed to play limited events at all?
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
The GNT B results appear to be after 7 matches instead of 8, and the list of qualifiers is incorrect, at least for our score, but I believe for others as well. I don't know if the other flights are correct or not, but B was a much larger ...
How to top players feel about bracket-1 KO's being small vs. populated with those playing up?
I was once told that another part of the issue is that higher ranked teams will then be playing down a bracket and players in that bracket might not like seeing higher ranked players in their protected bracket. I used to round every person's masterpoint holding up to the ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
Hello, I can volunteer myself for Monday. My credentials for childcare are not too bad; I am a pediatric ICU nurse with 35 years of experience. I am taking Monday and Tuesday off of play and would be willing to babysit 1 or 2 girls around the same age. If ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
It is true that there is a lot of disparity in B flight, but players who only win their district because of a handicap will not be competitive at the NABC.
GNT Format: Going Forward
I thought the point of the GNT is to send the best team in each flight. I don't see how handicapping is part of that effort. I do agree that B is a very wide bracket in terms of levels of experience. I would rather see the lines moved ...

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