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Charles Blair
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Oct. 12, 2015
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April 30
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Dogged participant in Richard Pavlicek's monthly competitions. Life Master (USA) after 50+ years.
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Defensive carding: "let declarer tell me what he has". General principle: "The most effective sign-off is `pass'."
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18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
Thanks, everyone. I've actually learned something today.
1NT response forcing or semi-forcing?
The specific options I put forward are variants of what I presently like to play in a method with 1NT 15-17 and "2/1 GF unless suit rebid". I did not want to get into a debate on the merits, but, since my personal preface is that opener usually rebids ...
1NT response forcing or semi-forcing?
At my local (USA/ACBL) club, it has become standard practice for opener to say "forcing" or "semi-forcing" as soon as responder bids 1NT. Thanks to Ed for what I assume is a verbatim quote from a relevant ACBL document. I am surprised that this document is apparently silent about ...
Not a bidding poll
Sorry! I chose the hand poorly. Give responder x Axx Axx xxxxxx
Not a bidding poll
My mistake! I should have made the hand x Axx Axx xxxxxx, or is that hand also supposed to double 2 ?
Not a bidding poll
Congratulations on your reading skills.
Not a bidding poll
I should have considered this possibility. Perhaps changing the hand to 1=3=3=6 would have avoided what (I confess) I consider a side issue.
ACBL non-member masterpoint policy
Is the handbook available on-line?
Just finished reading Under the Table......
Sorry. I should have read the later posts in the thread. Moderator, feel free to delete.
Great Players; Great Books
Sorry if I'm off-base, but it seems to me that, against strong opponents, the 6 bidder's problem would usually be what to do over a 5 bid.

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