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Charles Brenner
Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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Mindless revoke
It's a secret no more! Too bad that bridge has rules so poor that how and when to follow them is a cause for aggravation. I envy golf.
Plan the play
If West has 7 xxx KJxxxxx AK, we'll know to reconsider after two rounds of trumps produces the J from East rather than from West. On the other hand if West has 7 Jxx KJxxxxx AK and plays the J on the second round ... Oh, never mind.
How to play 6!H and win or lose the Bermuda Bowl
A singleton K is an extra chance but a slender one in view of the need to untangle the spade suit before RHO wins the J and taps North's trumps. I was inclined to credit the poster with dismissing it for cause rather than from carelessness.
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
Ross - I think this one turned out to be hard. The club suit is interesting in several respects. First, East's defensive choices against the dummy's low club leads at tricks 2 & 4. In retrospect East is right to grab the first (although winning Q looks weak) & duck the ...
The deal played itself
or if you cash the top trumps early, which also isn't clearcut
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
"go wrong depending on who has the 4th e or w..." was confusing. Now I understand that you meant the play goes wrong when West has the 4th heart. I don't see a problem. When West follows to the 4th heart, discard a club from dummy; East does ...
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
You suggested a problem with my line and I asked you to clarify exactly which line of mine you meant.
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
What line of play are you assuming? The trick 3 play of low club from dummy, or the alternative idea of delaying the club play?
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
Better - nearly 100% - to cash all the hearts. Consider the case of East being 1525. Guessing that West doesn't have KQJx, the position (with 6=K+4+9 tricks home) is equivalent to[code] -- -- A109 AJ10 A10 -- -- x KJxx Qx (or QJ) -- Kxx Qxx -- 8xx --[/code] A. Duck ...
Warning: this is a hard play problem.
Cashing no hearts (except the J), then another low club from the dummy, seems pretty safe to me mainly because clubs are almost surely 1=5 on the bidding and defense. Now if East is seen to be 1525 cash the hearts and the A. If the A drops an ...

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