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Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
There is a learned yet clear and comprehensive, and to me very persuasive survey of methods for random bridge hand dealing with a conclusion somewhere on the internet which I read a few years ago. I'd be a bit surprised if BBO isn't aware of the arguments it ...
The lost cause of the Jacobyites
In my case credit Tim Bourke. Fifteen years back he shared his bridge programs with me. I didn't figure out how to use them but was inspired to write my own generalized bridge deal probability calculator. I hope some day I'll have time to create a web interface ...
Play Problem in 3H (Matchpoints)
Rich - valid possibility for West to have A alone and East want to signal A entry. Other than that though I would, as East, play the Q notwithstanding the infinitesimal downside of promoting declarer's 9 eventually. Maybe Leonard's "medium opponents" remark is the real clue.
Play Problem in 3H (Matchpoints)
Andy - right. Which leads me to wonder whether in East's position I would think of playing Q rather than 10 to not reveal the lie.
Play Problem in 3H (Matchpoints)
Playing safe is one way to retain our matchpoint chances against pairs in 4. But also adequate though sometimes easier said than done is to simply mimic their play. On this hand mimicking seems not so hard. So my strategy would mainly be to optimize my result against other ...
Play Problem in 3H (Matchpoints)
I take the lack of Q at trick 1 to [i]deny[/i] QJ10xx. What is special about this hand, from East's point of view, not to make that obvious and ordinary play? If I'm not missing something, then West has AKJx and the choice of 2 ...
What's the better line?
Playing on clubs at trick two and maybe trick 4 (I'm sure you would have told us if East didn't follow to our directed play at trick 1.) offers several chances including discovery and scope for judgment later in the play. West's pass makes club length plus ...
The lost cause of the Jacobyites
My description of my calculation was correct, but my diagram was misleading because naturally a bridge player looking at it interprets the x's as pips when in fact they were only notation for distribution. So our difference is different assumptions. Your assumptions are more sensible in the given context ...
The lost cause of the Jacobyites
@David Kresh - clubs is particularly unlikely to be the doubleton because the known A gives a head-start to club length. Assuming only that West is dealt 5,332 with AK,A, my computer gives the distribution probabilities as 36/85 AKxxx xxx xx Axx 28/85 AKxxx xx xxx ...
Known Combination
I was responding to your "complicated question" discussion which applies [i]after[/i] West has surmounted the hurdle of automatically playing a low heart. My point is that while an analysis of heart suit combinations "which would be difficult to work out at the table" leads to 3:1 odds ...

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