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Charles Brenner
Charles Brenner
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Alas, no time to play in several years. 

United States of America

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Grand Nationals 3/4 (1975), Crockfords Cup 1st (1970)
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Moss and Demuy Lead LM Pairs
I realize now that my habit of using present and even future tense is unsophisticated. For truly timeless prose I'll stick to the past tense henceforth.
Imaginary squeezes in the EYTC
True. Just for grins I fed part of the problem to a calculator. Assuming West is known to have 5+s, K,A,Q (unless RHO showed out) is about 7:6 better than K, finesse, for four club tricks. Posit 6+s and the odds flop to about 11 ...
Inhuman Forum: Bots Respond to Prayers
I'm with you that adding samples by relaxing constraints somehow isn't necessarily difficult. So the idea is responsive to part of what I argued. We could not, though, honestly call it a "fix" for a "bug" in the current program. Besides that I wouldn't actually go for ...
Inhuman Forum: Bots Respond to Prayers
Paul - I understand that you would like the robot to distinguish between a play that can be proven futile by pure logic based only on the cards played, versus a play that appears futile based on cards played and bidding assumptions. Believe it or not even the first half of ...
Inhuman Forum: Bots Respond to Prayers
Paul "your conclusion in the general meaning of it" is obscure on several levels. Is there an English version? I can't even divine what "conclusion" you impute to me. Nothing in your post argues against anything I wrote. In particular you didn't support your assertion of a blatant ...
Inhuman Forum: Bots Respond to Prayers
It's not a simple programming oversight, not a trivial bug at all. It is a loophole. As explained by Phil & Neal above, GIB (a) accepts as gospel prescribed meanings of bids, and (b) chooses at random from among equivalent plays. East led a random card forfeiting the defense per ...
Defensive Problem
I follow that with six spades partner wouldn't need much more to bid, but I don't see why five weak spades in a 5314 hand would be so tempted or is unlikely. Is East not expected to open 1 with equal diamond and club length?
Defensive Problem
I was going to suggest the 2 makes for clearer sailing when partner has a different 12 card hand: Qxxxx AQ x Q1032.
Stuffed by UI
Maybe the UI was that South did have a trump.
Plan the play at IMP
If the best line for the small slam is 90% while an 89% line gives a much better chance for an overtrick, I suspect many players would go for the overtrick but would, math be damned, take the absolute lock for the small slam if the percentages were instead 100 ...

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