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Charles Page
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Aug. 23, 2013
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Ethics and legality
no further answer necessary ...the master has spoken
How would you rule?
Is arson in Royal dockyards still a hanging offence!?!?
How would you rule?
At what stage does the declarer have to “give the diamond”...rules 68-70 of bridge deal with disputes with claims. I think the expression in the laws includes “normal lines play” which is covered in these rules....If it is an expert player who has forgotten the trump count, would ...
In the Well: Jose Damiani
I gather that you visited Australia some years ago under the pretext of a meeting with Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates to seek the AOC acquiescence for the Australian Bridge Federation to be recognised by AOC. My understanding was the meeting did not go well and you were met ...
My Turn to Speak
Having read the paper work i am reminded of the words of legendary Oil Man Red Adair "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur" As Bahar was hired to meet the specification of the job of a ...
Is there a trick to lose
Mr Maestro Burn, if I learned one thing from this, is to explain in full the detail, on the premise that I am playing with persons who will always be lesser in their understanding...that dummy was always high, how can it matter whether or not the J ♠️ Is high ...
Is there a trick to lose
It is N on lead with.....who can see the dummy .... so can there be a line of play that would be rational for NS to win a not WBF laws 68-70 deal with claims......North is a strong player, and the highest ranked of all the players ...
Is there a trick to lose
It has already been established earlier all trumps have been drawn .... no dispute on that ... seems an issue that if spade is lead towards dummy, you forget to ruff or if a diamond lead I would not let it run to kJ ..essentially normal lines of play that would be ...
Is there a trick to lose
Yes North was to play and cards tabled and would see a spade would be ruffed in dummy or a diamond going to dummy
Is there a trick to lose
I just though it was so obvious that it required no explanation and only common sense and we were playing strong opponents......

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