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about me

As a bit of trivia, together with Donna Compton practicing as Compton & Compton PLLC, we have represented more ACBL members before Ethical Oversight and Attorney Discipline Committee than any other lawyers. To give fair disclosure, this is about 15-20 cases, lifetime.

Also see, for video clips and short PDF's of various bridge topics. 

We own the Bridge Academy of North Dallas which was the 13th largest ACBL club in 2017. see 

Together with Gary King of Houston, we operate two bridge land cruises a year, one held in August in Santa Fe NM and one held in May in Galveston TX, see


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HCl bridge tournament @ Newdelhi, India
Please give us the dates and hotel information for 2019. Thanks.
Call for Quorum ATL ACBL Annual Membership Meeting
Well, we both did.
Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
You understand the issue. Places that had the feature, and turned it off, came to a peaceful place
Democracy ACBL-style: ATL General Membership Meeting.
Hi Steve, thanks for your long-time service to Bridge I had asked Jay Whipple for a time certain for the General Membership as you suggest. I got a prompt, but unhelpful reply. Perhaps you could write him and ask also? And, of course your help in assuring the occurrence of ...
Democracy ACBL-style: ATL General Membership Meeting.
Jan, that sort of decision is left to the presiding officer or the parliamentarian, most of the time -- often following Robert's Rules for guidance. I believe the first motion at the Annual Meeting could be a motion to appoint "person X" as the presiding officer for the meeting, but ...
2!C 4+4+MM 8-12 defense
doubling 2D with the opponents having both majors including 5 hearts and an opening bid, is much different than doubling 2C showing a weak hand and only promising 4-4 in the majors.
2!C 4+4+MM 8-12 defense
DBL as a strong NT (the original post suggested defense) is a poor choice.
Democracy ACBL-style: ATL General Membership Meeting.
JoAnn, please reread my post. I asked you to submit a motion. I am on the “bandwagon” of improving the League. If you don't want to contribute a motion, fine. I am trying to make the process work better. Certainly, a motion asking/directing/forcing a reduction in number ...
Democracy ACBL-style: ATL General Membership Meeting.
JoAnn, please read ACBL Article 4 ByLaw Annual Meeting NOT By Law 10. 10.3 does not apply to the General Membership Meeting.The best method is to get a quorum in ATL which includes a majority in support of change. At this point, I need your faith that i ...
Democracy ACBL-style: ATL General Membership Meeting.
David, thanks, if you are in ATL, please help get a quorum to the meeting?
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