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Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson
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June 18, 2010
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about me

Professional anti-money laundering investigator, amateur bridge nut living in the Portland, OR metropolitan area.  I don't play as much as I would like to, and that probably isn't going to change soon.  I am married to a wonderfully supportive non-bridge player, and now have a little boy, Teddy, who was born April 2017, but I hope to remain active in playing bridge while I balance my new family life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the round of 16 in the 2013 Spingolds with Chris Wiegand, Sam Punch, and Stephen Peterkin - the first time I had entered the event. Now up there: Getting my top 4 matchpoint finishes with 3 different partners at nationals in 2016 at Reno, including placing in the Platinum pairs.
Bridge Accomplishments
6 top 10 national finishes, all in the past 7 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Chris Wiegand, Eric Sieg, and Jeff Ford
Favorite Tournaments
any NABC, all GNT competitions, Portland and Seaside regionals
Favorite Conventions
Stayman and follow-ups derived from it. I played 15 years of home bridge with my parents without knowing stayman, so I really appreciate how wonderful it is.
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Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Using 2/1 as a Convention
We actually do something similar in a big club context. 1M-2 is a minor-oriented GF (could have 0 clubs, 8 diamonds), and 1M-2 is a 3+ card limit raise or better. Our responses to 1M-2 are 2 showing no interest opposite a LR, 2 showing ...
Defending a “psych”
double of 2N is take-out. Bids are bids. This is not a psych unless 2N promises values - in versions of ogust I'm aware of it does not promise values, but instead asks about opener's hand with no promises. In my experience, really good players eat this very common ...
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
If you make enough assumptions, you can calculate mathematical likelihoods, but since those assumptions are made based on non-mathematical criteria (would RHO/LHO have bid), and because you have not given enough information to actually make good assumptions, I think it will be hard to actually quantify odds in a ...
Suit combination: QJ8x opposite A7xxx
2-2 breaks are 41%, half of those will be K doubleton onsides, so you play for no losers 20.5% of the time by finessing. 3-1 breaks are 50%, king will be singleton 1/4 of the time, so 12.5% no losers by playing the ace. 4-0 breaks are ...
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: K852 43 T875 865
sure. I could have two spade tricks, and I don't. But I still feel like I have less diamonds than I could, all my values in spades, and no extra distribution. This feels like a potential disaster if partner bids on, and I should tell partner that my hand ...
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: K852 43 T875 865
I believe 4 to have set up a forcing pass situation. I have as strong a hand for defense as I could, in context.
Not Losing Money on NABCs
I am an occasional NABC player. Any dramatic increase (and frankly, I'm skilled enough to expect to make day 2 almost always and day 3 sometimes, so I expect to quickly be on the price elevator) will make it so I will not be able to justify playing at ...
Another 2N-bid
I interpret it according to our agreements. Presumably partner doesn't bid this way without some sort of expectation that you field it. With no agreement, I would guess scrambling would be close to standard in my area for expert level players, but I would not be surprised to see ...
Six Card Ending in 3nt
Sathya - just so you are aware, this comment is regarding the 14 card South hand, which presumably has one too many clubs for the 3-3 comment to make sense? Following the play, I presume it's the 7 of clubs which is not supposed to be there.
Six Card Ending in 3nt
I guarantee clubs won't break 3-3.

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